Sonorous Roses and Nadal

2022-05-07 0 By

Last night our sonorous rose added 119 minutes of absolutely even strength over their own Japanese women’s soccer, and then won the penalty shootout!It’s really gratifying!Many people look, the Women’s Asian Cup is not too remarkable, win a semi-final result is not a big deal, today the sonorous rose and Nadal put together, I do not know we climb or belittle the god of war Nadal?The performance of the women’s football team brought not only victory to the Chinese people, but also the spirit of “never give up”.Why do so many people who are not themselves involved in sports enjoy watching competitive sports?Because sports competition not only gives people the enjoyment of skills and beauty and the passion of strength and speed, but also because of the fighting spirit of never giving up in the arena to inspire people.Competitive sports bring people moving and inspiring not mainly depends on the victory, more is that never give up sportsmanship!From which the professional dedication and fighting spirit is the meaning of sportsmanship.Yesterday I wrote an article that put Ding Junhui and The Chinese men’s football team together for analysis, which was sprayed by some people that they should not be compared.: actually, I want to say after the success and is the main point of the soccer players were paid to achieve wealth lost the spirit after freedom, lose their sports spirit and continue along is not respect to the audience in the arena, has nothing to do with how much they had won the championship, lay the arena should not appear in the list consumption fans love athletes, either work or retire,It’s professionalism.It is normal to win or lose in competitive sports. As a melon eating audience, what we want to see is the fighting spirit of doing our best. After the effort, everyone will be relieved.But in reality, there are a lot of results-oriented people, so they take words out of context or don’t read the content carefully, just like defending the son, and these people who don’t understand the spirit of sports can be said to be different, those comments I ignored.What he lost is not technology, but spirit. Today, I like to hear the sonorous rose overtime finally score against the Japanese women’s football team, so I put our women’s football team and The God of war Nadal together in the same breath.If according to the result theory, sonor rose is really not qualified to sit with the king of the ball, according to the logic of those people either we climb up or insult the god of war Nadal.The reason why I dare to put the roses together with the sonorous, because I think they show the same fighting spirit of never giving up!Why do so many people love Nadal?In fact, Nadal is not handsome, especially the habitual “indecent” action of often pulling his underwear makes people feel uncomfortable, an unhandsome and “indecent” athlete, and no matter how much he wins, people will not score a point, in fact, Nadal will also lose, why he is the god of war many people like?It is because of his spirit of never giving up that he has not only brought many magical victories to himself, but also inspired countless people to work hard, and won the love and respect of the world.It is not clear how many ups and downs, in his heart, there is no “give up” the word if there is no that never give up the spirit of fighting, women’s soccer girls are not worthy of the title of “sonorous roses”, today more can not fight for the last chance.Nadal is also unlikely to bounce back from injury many times, having just bounced back at the Australian Open to beat May, who is 10 years his junior.The image of Nadal slumped in his chair as he accepted his award after the final was very touching and handsome.Not every fight is perfect. Ten years ago, Nadal lost a nearly six-hour battle on the same court.Even in defeat, he won no less applause than the winner.So look at competitive sports, as long as it is trained hard, as long as it is fighting to the end, its spirit can be reflected in the arena, the audience’s eyes are clear, no matter what the result is, people will not be stingy with their applause!Who would believe they worked so hard with those soft bodies?So, I don’t think it’s wrong to put ding Junhui and China together yesterday, and nadal together today.