The charter flight broke down halfway through

2022-05-07 0 By

I have bought a toaster for many years. Except for the first year, I only use it on a whim, which is really very simple and easy. I always make an appointment before going to bed and NEVER know how it works.Yesterday, my son suddenly said, “I wonder if I got up late in the morning. The bread is hard because it has been stuffy in the machine for a long time.”Whim To experience the process during the day begins again!It turned out that everything was fine until two minutes after I started working, I heard the mixing sound was wrong and the toaster was broken.Baidu once, should be the bottom of the machine belt is loose or broken, but I can’t open the part is good, just listen to the son said 1: wouldn’t it be wasted material and there was so much at the back of the operation was exhausted themselves, a don’t plan to try manual kneading dough, fermentation, baidu learning — – how much toast with unqualified whim do eat special experience?Lesson 1. Don’t experiment, especially with flour.2. Pay attention to the baking time and keep your eyes on it.3. The original epidermis is simply not enough water, as expected there is a harvest.Baidu said 20 minutes…It turns out that 12 minutes in different ovens is fine