Go to the hospital once, write a chart?Tests more expensive than medicine?The New Deal hit the nail on the head

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Careful farmers will find that every time they enter a hospital, they have to write a new case, and for the dazzling “doctor’s body”, many people do not understand.In addition, the examination fee is more expensive than medicine, in reality, is not the only case.To this end, the medical reform of the New Deal hit the nail on the head, that is, recently the relevant departments of the state clearly stated that the nationwide, the establishment of a unified electronic medical record.In the future, it is expected that medical records can be queried and extracted in time through id cards or medical insurance cards.In fact, every one of us is unavoidably ill, but medical security is another basic guarantee besides food security. How to eliminate the difficulty and high cost of medical treatment and prevent peasant families from “poverty caused by disease” will directly affect the health of the whole people and consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation in rural areas.The benefits of a unified electronic medical record go beyond ease of access.In order to alleviate the problem of “examination fee is more expensive than medicine fee”, the state has decided to implement “mutual recognition of medical examination” recently, in order to reduce the economic pressure caused by frequent examination to farmers and other medical groups.However, in the actual process of operation, the effect of “mutual recognition of medical examination” did not reach expectations because medical records could not be unified.After the establishment of a unified electronic medical record, the network system of the hospital can timely retrieve pathological reaction and examination results, and then reduce the examination cost of patients.At the same time, as mentioned above, many patients, including farmers, simply do not understand the “doctor’s body”, unable to understand their own illness.In addition, in many cases, medical records are stored in the hospital. Once medical accidents or liability accidents occur, it is difficult for patients to extract medical records in the first time, which also provides opportunities for “tampering with medical records”.The establishment of a unified electronic medical record can not only facilitate patients to understand the content of the medical record, but also eliminate the situation that the medical record is monopolized by the hospital, so as to facilitate patients to safeguard their rights and interests.In general, to establish a unified electronic medical records, to the medical groups, including farmers, the benefits of is not only convenient for medical treatment, but also can make the medical examiner mutual recognition “play a better effect, and on the basis of convenient patients understand the illness, reduce the” medical record tampered “in medical accident to happen.It is worth mentioning that the key to the effectiveness of electronic medical records is to keep information confidential while preventing the permission to alter or delete medical records without permission.In addition to the proposed establishment of a unified electronic medical record, the state in the “on promoting electronic medical record data sharing proposal” in the reply, there are some auxiliary measures.In the above reply, the relevant national departments clearly stated that they should strengthen supervision, guidance and safety supervision of electronic medical record data transmission and sharing application in medical institutions.From this measure, we can see that the state attaches great importance to the information security of patients.At the same time, it also shows that information security is not only external, but also internal, so as to avoid unauthorized tampering or deletion of electronic medical records in the application process, and to ensure the fairness of medical disputes.In addition, in the above “reply”, the relevant national departments also made it clear that the following will be through multi-department linkage, overall promotion of national health information platform and other infrastructure construction, integration of resources, to promote multi-code integration application services.From this strategy, it can be seen that the future medical platform will strengthen digital construction, and is expected to achieve “one code”.It will be more and more convenient for medical treatment groups including farmers to seek medical treatment in different places, mutual recognition of medical examination and timely reimbursement.What should a farmer pay attention to when seeing a doctor?As many farmers work out of town all the year round, they have the demand for medical treatment in other places. In addition, when treating serious diseases, people often choose to seek medical treatment in other provinces.Therefore, it is suggested that farmers know the online filing process of remote medical treatment, first search “national remote medical treatment filing” in the small program, then click “fast filing”, select the type of filing, then input personal information, place of medical treatment and filing date and other information, and finally click “submit filing”.