Have you seen the “hot” Spring Festival movies?

2022-05-08 0 By

This year’s Spring Festival movies have become one of the hottest topics of discussion after dinner. Judging from the statistics, it seems that this year’s Spring Festival movies are extremely hot, because the total box office exceeded 6 billion yuan, the second highest ever.But some audiences feel that this year’s cinema seems to be a lot of cold, there is no like the previous Spring Festival as full, prime time ticket is difficult to buy the scene, then why the data will be so good?At this time another topic again be vividly portrayed, is that the movie ticket prices is known as the Spring Festival is the most expensive in the history of, as a result, it is not hard to come to the conclusion that high total box office, because affected by the epidemic, income there is an obvious decline in nearly two years of the cinema, movie may be counting on Spring Festival can earn a wave well, ease the pressure!!!!However, the high ticket price makes many movie fans back away. Some movie fans admit that such expensive ticket, a family to see a movie, is enough to have a sumptuous New Year dinner;Many budget-conscious moviegoers chose not to go to the cinema, so this year saw 46 million fewer moviegoers than the year before. Ticket prices were the highest, the numbers fell, and the handsome box office numbers made sense again, as people understood that historically high ticket prices produced high box office revenues.Apart from high ticket prices, which have put off many moviegoers, is there any other reason for the sudden drop in attendance?Many movie fans said:Lunar New Year movie lack of comedy, tragedy is a little too much, the Spring Festival is a day for family reunion, happy a last-borns are naturally want to watch some funny comedy, kind and happy, but the Chinese New Year movie with historical war theme is given priority to, if not war history subject but tragic elements also to exceed bid, all of these cuts a lot of the enthusiasm of the audience watching movies!We are not saying that historical war movies are bad, they truly reflect the reality of the war at that time, let people remember the history, the movie is also very shocking, but after watching the mood is a little heavy, not suitable for the Spring Festival such a happy and peaceful atmosphere to watch!It seems that the main theme of Chinese New Year movies should be comedy and joy.After all, films that meet the will of the public will have a broader market in the future.Nowadays, people are more in pursuit of cost-effective movies. High ticket prices and low movie quality will indeed dissuade many audiences.Now the movie resources are so rich, free download, free online viewing also give many audiences more choices, how to increase the movie box office, it is really worth thinking about in many ways!