Is it true that the official Dunk blind box contains Union Dunk?

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Every valentine’s Day, Nike has three axes – new shoes, activities, exclusive.This year is no exception, naturally, from these three aspects, and we talk about the strength of Nike valentine’s Day this year.In a broad sense, shoes with “Valentine’s Day” in the name should belong to the Valentine’s Day color scheme of the year.But in shoe circles, the shoes that can afford Valentine’s Day are, after all, the top, most popular and most expensive of the year.However, all of the “Valentine’s Day” of ’21 was unremarkable, and the picture that comes to mind when we talk about Valentine’s Day today is still the STRANGELOVE of’ 20, co-titled Dunk SB.In the two years since the Valentine’s Dunk went on sale, both popularity and price have continued to rise.Even from January 23, the transaction price of the secondary market took off in full code, and now the price of gold code is nearly 2W.In purely economic terms, this valentine’s Day is nothing short of a lightning barb.The Dunk Low “Valentine’s Day” lace will also be on sale this year.But in my opinion, this year’s Valentine’s Day lace Dunk will hardly reach the same heights.There are two reasons, one is from last year’s sneaker market decline continues to this day, the whole sneaker market is depressed, overlying the nest, how to finish the egg.The second reason is that this year’s Valentine’s Dunk, lace Dunk, is really not as good as old Valentine’s Day in terms of appearance.Personally, lace Dunk looks from a distance like some physiological product you would see the next day if you swallowed a dragon fruit that had been seeded.Especially in the context of Dunk at the start of 22 years, the bold lace Dunk doesn’t stand out.It’s not just me, it’s the majority opinion of the shoestring, and in this clique oriented world, most of it matters.But then again, even if the lace Dunk doesn’t take off, it should have something to say in the short term in these days of lace-sagging, so I suggest you make a quick in and out.As for the other shoe styles, AF1 “Valentine’s Day,” AJ1 “Valentine’s Day,” and LeBron “Valentine’s Day,” chances are pretty low.After the shoe launch, let’s move on to valentine’s Day.On Valentine’s Day this year, the Dunk blind box event will officially take place.But it’s not so much a blind box as a launch calendar.The Dunk blind box, according to the official description, is a collection of 11 pairs that will be released from time to time.The first shoe to go on sale on February 14 will be the cashew flower Dunk White green.It’s not a surprise, but it’s worth fighting for.And the next 10 pairs of shoes, do not rule out and very likely will appear to make up for payment.New shoe, activity said about, as to exclusive, at present look really hard to say.Just like the wave of predictions made by the APP community whistleblowers a few days ago, there are no certainties until the results come out.Besides, SNKRS has a fluctuating mood. In case of a panic on Valentine’s Day, he may not be exclusive to everyone.Even if it does happen, it won’t be a Union Dunk, so let’s just keep busy on Valentine’s Day and swipe your inbox between showers.
Overall, the strength of Nike’s Valentine’s Day this year was disappointing.Whether you sell shoes for a living or wear them at full price, there’s no need to get your hopes up.After all, on a day like Valentine’s Day, the most important thing is to put down your phone and open your arms to your loved one, don’t you think?