Book to send hope | love book donation point officially listed, the same day there are citizens to donate books

2022-05-09 0 By

“This activity is very meaningful, I also want to donate books.”Qilu Evening News · Qilu and the Shandong Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League jointly launched the charity donation campaign of 2,000 love book corners in 2022.At the same time, Shuyu Civilian pharmacy chain Co., Ltd. as a support unit in the province set up a book donation point.On the afternoon of February 12, the book donation point of The West Gate store of Shuyu civilian pharmacy was officially launched.As soon as you enter, the pink charity book donation office on the south side comes into view, adding warmth and vitality to the neat and bright store.After half an hour of dressing up by the staff of the West Door of suoyu Civilian pharmacy, the donation place took on a new look. The plaque of the donation point was also hung at the front door of the pharmacy, attracting many citizens to inquire.”Today I came to buy some medicine, as soon as I entered the door, I saw a charity book donation center.”Ms. Xing, a citizen, said that after asking the staff, she learned that this activity was to donate books to the children of “Hope Hut” to help them enrich themselves and learn more knowledge. She thought this activity was very good and meaningful.”I will also look for books suitable for children to read when I get home. I will sort them out and donate them to show my love.”Ms. Xing said that she would talk to the neighbors in the community after returning to get more people involved in the activity.”I am very happy that the West Gate store of Shuyu Civilian Pharmacy can participate in the activity as one of the donation points of this love book.”The staff of the West Door store of shuyu Civilian pharmacy said that they will carefully select, organize and preserve the books donated by the public. Citizens are welcome to donate on February 16.