There were 146 cases in 6 days, and two wedding weddings in Hohhot became the key point of the spread of the epidemic, which spread secretly for several days

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The COVID-19 outbreak in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, has drawn much attention recently.According to the Health Commission of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, 63 new locally confirmed cases were reported in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, from 00:00 to 24:00 On February 19.A total of 146 local confirmed cases have been reported in Hohhot since the first two cases were reported on February 15 to 14 PM on February 20.According to the Hohhot Health Commission, the first three confirmed cases reported in Hohhot were all workers at the Dongku Street garbage transfer station in Xincheng District. Two of them were found to have been hospitalized on Feb. 15, and the other was a contact person who was later detected by screening.But it doesn’t look like the first case was the original source of infection.According to the latest announcement of Hohhot COVID-19 prevention and control work press conference, this round of COVID-19 outbreak was initially determined to be an imported epidemic caused by liang and Dong visiting relatives in Wuchuan County of Hohhot and Damao Banner of Baotou.However, none of the first three reported cases have been traced to Wuchuan county or Baotou Damao Banner.There has been no detailed notification of how Liang and Dong were linked to the spread of the virus. Officials can confirm that this is a new imported local epidemic.According to a press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control held in Hohhot on February 19, the sequencing results of the virus from the first 3 confirmed cases in this round of COVID-19 outbreak were all Of Delta variant strain (AY.122 evolutionary branch), and high homology sequences were not found in the domestic and imported case databases.There were 2 cases on February 15, 3 on February 16, 21 on February 17, 42 on February 18, and 63 on February 19.The number of newly confirmed cases in Hohhot has continued to rise in a single day since the city reported the case on February 15.According to the official announcement, two wedding receptions held at a hotel in Hohhot’s new city district on Feb. 8 became the key point of the outbreak.Wang Dawei, deputy director of the Hohhot Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said at a press conference that the virus spread through two wedding receptions held at a hotel in Xincheng District on February 8 after being imported into Hohhot.There were 23 tables and 165 people at the two weddings.It is not clear how many of those attending the wedding banquet have been confirmed, but it has been eight days since the first confirmed case was reported, and the virus has been secretly spreading in Hohhot for several days.Due to the long incubation period of the virus and the frequent movement of people during the Spring Festival, in addition to The urban area of Hohhot, the outbreak also occurred in wuchuan county, Tuzuo Banner and Helinger County, and has spread to Baotou.Hohhot outbreak had a higher risk of spillover, spread to baotou, shanxi jinzhong February 19 in the afternoon, the State Council held a press conference to introduce zone spreading mechanism, Hohhot outbreak has spread to Inner Mongolia baotou city, the current outbreaks in an early stage, the rapid growth of the number of cases, a unit, reception and other crowded places the aggregation of the outbreak,There is a high risk of community transmission and spillover.According to the Leading group for COVID-19 prevention and control in Taigu District, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, five people who returned from Hohhot to The valley tested positive in the early morning of February 20.The investigation, detection, control and environmental sample collection and detection of the five contacts mentioned above are in full swing.On February 16, the Hohhot Headquarters for Novel Coronavirus Prevention and control issued a notice calling on citizens not to leave Hohhot unless it is necessary;Large-scale lantern fairs, trade fairs, banquets, celebrations, job fairs and other collective activities within the city will be suspended;All kinds of social organizations do not hold gathering activities, postpone red events and simplify funerals.Since February 17, Hohhot has organized nucleic acid tests for people in key areas.”So far, we have conducted two rounds of nucleic acid, one on The 17th and one on the 19th. Citizens have been very cooperative, standing in the outdoor line at -7 or -8 degrees Celsius and keeping their distance voluntarily.”Hohhot citizens lu Line (pseudonym) said to the health times reporter.Hohhot residents line up for nucleic acid tests in their residential area.Interviewee lu Hang and several friends of the community has been locked up, “these days we contact every day, the whole City, including the lockdown control community are sufficient supplies, the normal life of citizens.”This paper is synthesized from:(1) Press conferences on COVID-19 Prevention and control in Hohhot on February 19 and 20, 2022; (2) Press conferences of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of The State Council on February 19, 2022; (3) Leading Group on COVID-19 Prevention and Control in Taigu District, Jinzhong city, Shanxi Province on February 20, 2022; (4) Health Report on February 20, 2022Diffusion key points, found before the secret spread for several days “(Health Times Qiu Yue