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英 文 : Free lossless music software limited time free limited time may restore the original price at any time, if the display charge do not download, limited time application as long as downloaded will be forever free, long press the two-dimensional code in the identification map to download, if seen on other platforms can search in the app store software name Wallpaper software name:A map can be set as wallpaper tool software, support to change the background color, 3D mode needs to buy to use, choose a good map and color can be made into mobile phone, watch and computer wallpaper three modes!Live Memories is a tool that combines photos together in real time. It can automatically detect overlapping photos and eliminate them. Finally, it can be saved by changing the picture proportion.At present, the complete version of the software is free within the purchase time limit according to the following diagram lock in the purchase efficiency software name: PhotoSlip – Photo cleaning master size:An easy and efficient solution to the problem of album photo sorting efficiency software, the biggest feature is sliding to delete, that is, sliding around switching photos, sliding to delete the current photo.A small and simple online English dictionary, you can find words in more than one online English dictionary at a time, the latest version through a carefully designed black theme, automatic adaptation of iOS dark mode.Safari 插 件 logo 图 片 Safari 插 件 logo 图 片 Safari 插 件 logo 图 片 Safari 插 件 logo 图 片Yesterday to share with you (98 yuan enhanced Pro version only once!Whether you’re using it for yourself or you have kids at home, it’s definitely a great learning aid.Today weekend I wanted to send a few high-priced games for you to experience, but really time is too rushed, I just share a listening software for you.Lossless music (lossless music is a type of music file format, including lossless compression and lossless compression) is a rare resource for those who are looking for sound quality, especially on iOS where most lossless music requires a subscription or membership.Big fan recently found a lossless music design for music listening software when looking for resources in the App Store, the most important software is not currently any in-app purchase and use restrictions!Cloud HIFI is a special music oriented cloud disk APP, relying on the vast amount of music library information and leading AI technology, to achieve convenient arrangement of your uploaded song files, including album words matching and losslless identification of true and false songs, so that you can build your own private music library, to achieve cloud storage of songs not lost,At the same time, it can be easily connected to mobile phones, speakers, computers and cars to play music.Do songs downloaded from private cloud libraries always migrate back and forth?Private cloud music library to solve your troubles!You can upload song files to Cloud HIFI, realize cloud storage songs not lost, multi-platform music playback.AI identifies Lossless Music Is your lossless music true or false?The software uses the latest AI technology to identify whether lossless songs uploaded are truly lossless.Mass lossless music software selected tens of thousands of lossless classical, pop music, in the discovery interface has a mass of songs can be free to listen to!Finally want to say how you don’t bother to also can use owl POjie a popular music software, free access to members!Need to get the tutorial can enter the big fan home page private message to send a message: music