Booker had 35 points, nine rebounds, 13 assists and three steals to lead Shenzhen to victory.How does Beijing respond?

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The match between Beijing Shougang and Shenzhen Marco Polo will kick off on January 27, 2022.This game is a wonderful attack and defense battle.In addition to the third section of the whole game, The Beijing team led by 2 points, the other three sections of the game, The Beijing team has been chasing points in a passive situation.Beijing to booker throughout the four excellent performance cannot be effective limits, with a child and Yang Linyi booker’s magic is not present in the fourth quarter, and throughout the mistakes as much as 17 times in Beijing, shenzhen, only four times, and the critical time shooting cannot assure, Beijing though two alternating rotation, eventually to a 97-104 loss to the shenzhen again.Booker’s three-point shooting game was the same as Beijing’s Feb. 19 matchup against Tianjin in the 24th round, where rochester couldn’t be restrained, and Booker couldn’t be restrained in this game.In the second game against Tianjin, restricted Rochester by changing the lineup and won the game.Booker was efficient with 35 points, 9 rebounds, 13 assists and 3 steals.The most important reason for Beijing’s loss was the defense of the opposing team’s core players. A guard not only scored high, but also got the number of center level rebounds and 13 assists.How to change it?Booker drives the ball, and Beijing’s defense takes advantage of one player and loses another. With the available players, there is nothing else but pressing and pressing defense to deplete the energy of the main players on the other side.For Beijing team how to arrange the implementation of tactics?It will be implemented in two phases.In the first and second section presents with brown, California, especially, Fan Ziming, Raymond and scholar of high-intensity confrontation, if the other party on Shen Zijie, Beijing can use Li Muhao and Fan Ziming rotation, play the two, this squad insist can rotate some middle to strong resistance speed of players take turns to booker big strength, as long as the booker presence is firmly implement high strength against,And fully implemented to the end.Because this lineup moves fast, the resistance is strong, there will not be too much to lose the situation.In the third and fourth quarters, use Beijing’s usual starting lineups.In this lineup, Jeremy Lin has a good view of the big picture and a good ability to organize teams. He can guarantee the physical strength of the ball in two quarters and the effect will be better.Jeremy Lin dribbles past Booker. Of course, that’s just the overall setup, with some minor adjustments in between.Because with the current roster, it would be hard to win against a super-efficient dual-point guard like Shenzhen if they played the way they did today.On the characteristics of the first and second section of the lineup in the front of the related articles “126:114, Tianjin won Beijing, Rochester’s victory, The Defeat of the Beijing team defense” and “Brown upset the war but Booker Beijing change to twist the crisis, Brown, Ganiu is a surprise, Yanis why change?”Has discussed, like basketball friends can freely give advice.