The highest good is like water (Laozi’s exhortion)

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The superior good is like water. Yu Hui, a Taoist, believes that the strong can defeat the weak, and the weak can defeat the strong.This view seems to be contradictory, in fact, contains advanced dialectical law in it.It is easy to understand that the strong can defeat the weak, so why can the weak defeat the strong?The weak can defeat the strong, that is, the weak is relatively weak, and the strong is only relatively strong, the relatively weak can play their own advantages to counter the relatively strong disadvantage.There is no absolute strong or weak in the world. The so-called strong or weak is only relative.And the strong and weak can transform each other, especially for China with a long history, such a truth is too common.Those who were far away were as powerful as King Zhou of Shang, and those who were near were as powerful as imperialists. As a result, all these so-called powerful things turned into the dust of history.For a country, a group or even an individual, temporary strength is not permanent strength.Want to remain invincible, but also need to constantly overcome their own weaknesses, so that their weaknesses will not be multiplied by others, so it is possible to do “invincible in the world”.If you are in a weak position, then you do not have to lose heart, as long as you can slowly accumulate strength, the same may become the strong.Let’s talk about the development of the Chinese nation.Our motherland has a long history, from the earliest Pangu heaven, to today’s rich and powerful people, we all the way through the thorns, braving the wind and waves, finally will again and again oppression and humiliation, into an incentive for us to go forward.Up to now, the Chinese nation has gone through thousands of hardships and hardships, and has finally emerged step by step as one of the world’s great powers.Last year, in particular, we responded calmly and united as one in the face of the sudden COVID-19 outbreak, demonstrating to the world the institutional advantages of socialist China.The poor, weak and vulnerable old China has become history forever, proving once again that the weak can prevail over the strong.