True me GT Neo3 esports edition Exposure: Phecda 9000+125W quick charge!Game track also PK

2022-05-10 0 By

Recently, the foreign exposure of true GT Neo3 esports version of the rendering, and give the core configuration.It seems that everyone is going to PK on the game track.In addition to Redmi, various “esports” models are likely to spring up.From the design point of view, true ME GT Neo3 esport version is the mecha wind design style, silver and true me yellow combination, look and feel is still very good.At the same time, there should be a shoulder button with two entities on the right side of the body. It seems that I choose the latter between touch control and entity. Indeed, the latter may pay more attention to the structure of the body, but it definitely brings more improvement to the game experience than touch control.In addition to the two shoulder keys and the power button, we can also see a suspected three-section switch, which is suspected to be used for switching GT mode.Of course, careful people also found that true GT Neo3 esports version of the design is actually similar to one plus 9, fine to the rear lens module is also exactly the same, said that one plus 9 esports version is also possible.In terms of features, it is understood that the True Me GT Neo3 esports edition will be equipped with PhEC9000, which has limited its release time to around March (at least).At the same time, true SELF GT Neo3 esports version will be equipped with 5000mAh battery, which is also a regular operation.Surprisingly, the traditional 65W flash charger will be upgraded to 125W, which is expected to become common in the OPPO family soon.From a hardware standpoint, this configuration is still very capable and should have a nice advantage over the Snapdragon 8 gaming phone/esports version.Based on current data, The PhEC9000 outperforms the Snapdragon 8 in terms of heat and power consumption.Ke Ke comments: I feel that the emergence of “e-sports version” is to cater to the market’s gradually large young people who love mobile games.After all, mobile games have become a daily pastime for most young people.