Actively carry out psychological adjustment to improve home learning efficiency

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Due to the impact of COVID-19, students have to study online at home. Faced with sudden changes and without the supervision and management of teachers at home, many students may be at a loss as to where to adjust.If learning is compared to driving, then attitude is the engine, energy is gasoline, and method is driving skills, the three are indispensable, the lack of one learning the car will not start.If you’re not productive at home, you can identify your attitude, energy, and approach as the problem.1. Allow yourself to be unconsciously distracted from time to time. Don’t get frustrated and blame yourself.2. Be able to detect distractions in a timely manner, and when you notice yourself being distracted, pull your attention back without remorse.3. At the beginning of learning activities, concentration will be low. The only effective way to stay patient is to keep concentration itself.4, generally speaking, do not deliberately to adjust the state, we are to do the state, rather than wait for the state to do.5, concentrate on one thing at a time, do not listen to music while learning, while chatting while learning or frequently interrupt learning activities.6, give yourself a quiet independent study space, the school supplies ready, placed nearby.1. Focus on your own learning goals, not just those required of you by your teachers or parents.Learning is to strive for more possibilities for their future and enrich their life experience.3. Set rewards for completing tasks, such as rewarding snacks after completing learning tasks and having fun in learning.1, in addition to online classes, if not necessary, away from mobile phones, computers, TV, comics and other external temptation.They’re around you, and even when you’re not moving, they continue to eat away at your concentration.2, try not to start learning with a bad mood, reduce the interference of inner mood fluctuations on their own, before starting to learn to make a little breathing adjustment to calm the mood.We do not need to adjust to a perfect state to begin learning, but in the process of learning slowly adjust to a good state.1, try to have enough sleep time and sleep rules, noon nap, even if can not sleep closed eyes is a good rest, if necessary, you can listen to some relaxing meditation music.2, during the epidemic can do some home appropriate exercise.Exercise is good for your mental outlook. A certain amount of exercise can also trigger your brain to release endorphins and eliminate the stress hormone cortisol, making you feel happy and less stressed.3, maintain a regular diet of nutrition, do not skip breakfast or dinner, or it is easy to cause mental depression because of low blood sugar learning state.The stomach is also the most sensitive internal organ to stress, so taking care of your stomach can relieve physical and mental stress.1, mobilize all kinds of sensory channels, enhance the memory effect, for example, recite the text read aloud, can mobilize the visual, auditory and language sense and other sensory channels, let the knowledge remember more firmly.2, associative picture memory method.For example, recite the poem “Castle peak together with clouds and rain, the moon was ever two townships.”You can imagine the same cloud and rain floating above a green mountain. There is a small town at both ends of the mountain. People look up at the same round of moon in the sky.In short, remember to pay attention to method, no matter what method you use, it is not worse than rote memory.3. After learning knowledge, try to tell the knowledge by recalling it, just as the teacher is lecturing to the students. In this way, not only can the memory be consolidated to the greatest extent, but also can check the weak grasp of knowledge.1. Systematic mastery of knowledge can make students learn more easily.For example, compared with a messy room, a clean and neatly classified room can hold more things, and students can find the things they want more quickly. The brain is like a room, fragmented knowledge is like a messy room, and systematically mastered knowledge is like a tidy room.Students can try to use tree graph or mind map to sort out the subject knowledge they have learned, so that the knowledge can be grasped more firmly and the knowledge can be retrieved more quickly.In conclusion, at any stage of learning, you need to keep an overall perspective.When studying at home, students should think independently before finishing homework. If they cannot do it, they can seek help and guidance from classmates and teachers through the Internet or phone.Take the initiative to communicate with your family when you encounter factors that interfere with your study in the environment, such as noise, light and sight.Dear students, let’s start from cherishing ourselves, and slowly try to give each other psychological care and support. Even if it is just a word of online comfort or blessing, it can make the positive and warm forces around continue to accumulate, and disperse the haze brought by the epidemic.