This restaurant in Tianjin, after the price rises 1.5 yuan a sign, every day queue, a line is half an hour

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Tianjin has a lot of traditional food, some of which have been handed down from generation to generation, and some of which have been introduced from different places. In a word, in this metropolis, we can always eat what we want to eat, and we can also eat what we have never eaten before.Steamed dumplings believe everyone is not strange, generally see steamed dumplings are not fermented noodles, so eat up is the feeling of thin skin big filling, but sometimes the skin will be harder, especially at the interface, affecting the taste of the whole dumpling.01 Steamed dumpling shop Tianjin also has a lot of steamed dumpling shop, a hundred flowers bloom, whether stuffing or taste, each shop has its own characteristics, until I met the shop, didn’t know the original steamed dumpling skin can do so.This shop, located on Xiguan Street in Nankai District, is a relatively old one. It mainly sells steamed dumplings, several kinds of soup and porridge. Although there are not many kinds, it attracts a lot of customers and has a certain number of regular customers.02 everyday queue his most classic is beef steamed dumplings, originally sold 4 yuan 3, this year should be the price, now 1.5 yuan 1, actually calculate down did not rise much, after all, the price of beef is also constantly rising.Every day his family began to queue up for dinner, because it is made and sold on the spot, so the waiting time is not short, usually about half an hour, to say why it is so popular, probably because his steamed dumplings are unique in the dough.03 three kinds of steamed dumplings said in front, general steamed dumpling face skin is not fermented face production, and his steamed dumpling face skin is made with fermented face, a bit like steamed stuffed bun, but there is no steamed stuffed bun skin fermentation so much, said he is steamed dumplings, taste is really different.There are only three fillings for the steamed dumplings, including beef, fennel and vegetarian leek, all of which cost 1 yuan each.As you can see from the on-site production, the ingredients are fresh, the beef is fragrant, the dumplings are not big, the skin is soft, and the beef is juicy.Fennel stuffing is also a traditional filling, which is eaten more in northern China and has a unique flavor, so people like to use it as a filling for steamed buns or dumplings. Fennel stuffing is not very broken, although it is plain, without the feeling of clear soup and little water, and the juice is also rich, with a little crispy oil residue.Leek used to make stuffing is more common, because its fragrance is more thick, whether it is with eggs or meat together, is a good partner, improve the taste of the whole stuffing.They have lamb soup, water chestnut soup, egg soup and belly thread soup, which people usually order and go best with steamed dumplings.In general, the steamed dumplings are salty and delicious, but some people may not be comfortable with the dough and fennel stuffing.