Foshan!Foshan!Mind you, the new property in Datang Central Square in Sanshui district only sells for 4500 per square meter

2022-05-12 0 By

The real estate is located, Foshan Sanshui District Datang central square near the large shopping malls, squares, office buildings are located near the real estate.The traffic is very convenient, close to the two – Guangzhou expressway, pearl River Delta expressway and Guangfo – Zhao Expressway.Out of the community is the moon Lake, lake park, Beijiang original price 8000!Now it only sells 4500/6500!First pay 10 sign a contract, the month offers only 2000 or so, can settle and not limit buy!And now is the current building, the scene to see the building, directly get the package.Interested parties can contact Manager Xia 13650832489 wechat phone synchronization!