The 2022 New Gansu Online Spring Festival Gala was widely praised by the audience across the province

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Play even Taiwan to celebrate the New Year, online to accompany you to spend the New Year!At 10am on January 31st, “Singing a better life towards a Great Dream — Bank of China 2022 New Gansu Online Spring Festival Gala” arrived as scheduled.Seven hours, more than 200 programs, with song and dance, opera, skits, crosstalk, instrumental performances and other popular literary and artistic themes, with new media processing, “cooking” out of the Spring Festival on the table of the province’s people a cultural feast, won the majority of the network audience praise.”The 2022 New Gansu Online Spring Festival Gala makes today’s New Year’s Eve of the Year of the Tiger especially festive!”Xiao Meilu, a famous critic of our province, said that throughout the whole party, in the face of the joy, but also feel a atmosphere and confidence.They show many kinds of colorful and varied in a variety of art form, to show the world the earth from jiayuguan in gansu province before the qilian mountain, Yellow River, from the provincial capital of lanzhou to longdong, the earth, and stretches thousands of miles and all the scenery, there are red old revolutionary base areas, there are thousands of wooden lush green water of castle peak, the elegance of dunhuang flying a holy land, there are lingering ears (the sound Qin Yun, is really beautiful.All these show that Gansu strives for perfection in artistic creation and makes unremitting efforts to continuously improve the overall level.What is conveyed from these touching pictures and music is the strong spirit of the People of Gansu.Gansu people of all ethnic groups unite as one, singing a beautiful era, running towards the great dream, will write a new chapter of history!”Seeing our own Network Spring Festival Gala in Gansu, I feel kind and happy.The festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival was instantly filled.”In my province young screenwriter Ma Xia’s view, this network Spring Festival Gala is carefully prepared for the people of the province’s New Year’s Eve dinner table.From the perspective of the masses, the party has arranged many excellent literary and artistic works, which make the excellent programs of all cities and states in the province show brilliantly.In terms of program types, there are not only professional programs, but also folk and intangible cultural heritage programs representing traditional culture, and even excerpts from classic plays with cultural characteristics of Our province, which can fully show our province’s status as a major drama province.From the perspective of the performers, there are grassroots people, front-line workers, and college students. Various groups eulodized the new life and reflected the new changes of the new era through different programs. The content is healthy and progressive, and the forms are novel and fashionable, bringing the audience a brand new audio-visual enjoyment.”This year’s New Gansu Network Spring Festival Gala has maintained the high quality of the past, especially allegro and skits, focusing on hot topics in our life. It is very down-to-earth, with a sense of representation and dense jokes, so that we can reflect and harvest after laughing.”Xin Tian, the first secretary of Wang Zhao Village in Yangjiasi Town, Qinzhou District, Tianshui City, said that his favorite program is allegri “Deep Love between mountains and Sea”. He not only felt the strong flavor of the New Year, but also felt the beautiful course of poverty alleviation cooperation through the party, the great achievement of poverty alleviation and the spirit of gansu people’s optimism, self-confidence and determination to forge ahead.He Zhonghai, director of the film and Publication Supervision Department of jiayuguan Municipal Party Committee’s Publicity Department, said that the 2022 New Gansu Online Spring Festival Gala presented a cultural feast with the characteristics of Longyuan and new media through four chapters of “looking back at the warmth, the beautiful life, singing longyuan and Going to dream”.It is mainly manifested in the innovation of ideas, the diversity of forms and the richness of content.The Network Spring Festival Gala breaks the pattern of traditional evening parties and opens the innovative mode of “partnership” in various places. Based on the in-depth excavation of gansu folk culture and art, the network Spring Festival Gala presents the audience with rich visual expression forms, and also promotes the excellent traditional culture in a new way.It is not only close to people’s lives and sings the main melody of The Times, but also closely combined with the current hot spots and favorite cultural symbols on each network broadcast platform, so that the popular elements can evoke the good memories of different ages, and arouse the audience’s resonance with the culture more in line with the contemporary trend, so as to realize the unique style of the Network Spring Festival Gala.As this year’s New Gansu Online Spring Festival Gala begins: “What is one word to describe 2021?”Is great, is starting, is happiness……This wonderful network Spring Festival Gala is not only a cultural feast, but also the high spirited attitude of longyuan children who strive to open up a new life in a new era and a new starting point. May we work together to open up a new 2022 in the future!