Yucheng, Shandong: Hold the 2022 Spring training course on improving the ability and quality of cadres of the Development and Reform Bureau

2022-05-12 0 By

In order to enhance the city development and reform bureau organ cadres ability and quality level, improve work efficiency.On the morning of February 9, all the staff of The Development and Reform Bureau of Yucheng City in Shandong province held a training class on improving cadres’ ability and quality in spring 2022.The training invited the municipal Party school, propaganda department, public security bureau, discipline inspection commission, hotline office and other units of the business backbone, around the party history learning education, style construction, laws and regulations, publicity, archives management, hotline management and other topics for teaching.Opening ceremony by the city development and reform Bureau party secretary, director, four level researcher Yang Xiaohui presided over the opening of the class mobilization speech.Yang Xiaohui, director of Yucheng Development and Reform Bureau Yang Xiaohui asked everyone to do a good job after the festival “heart” work, quickly into the state of work, hard work, solid work, to ensure the orderly progress of the work, seriously study theoretical knowledge and practice combined, to learn to promote seeking, advancing with The Times,We should put aside our business to study attentively, put aside our AIRS and humbly, put what we have learned into practice, and strive to open up a new situation in development and reform.On the morning of February 9th, Zhang Xiuqiang, vice president of the Party School of the Municipal Party Committee, was invited to give a lecture on “the glorious course of the Party in one hundred years”.Li Jinping, a member of the party group of the Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, studied the “Decision of The CPC Dezhou Municipal Committee on strengthening the construction of the style of” Strict, True, Fine, Real and Fast “to build the” Five “organs and cadres, and comprehensively improved the political quality and business ability of the cadres of the development and Reform Bureau.On the afternoon of February 9, Hu Fengfeng, Du Yuan and Ma Qinxian from the traffic police brigade of the Municipal Public Security Bureau were invited to conduct case analysis around “Observing traffic rules and preventing traffic accidents”, calling on everyone to strictly abide by traffic rules and wear safety helmets when riding.Municipal party propaganda department deputy minister Li Jian around “media communication and ideology” to teach, advocate that we should pay attention to network security, civilized Internet access.Yucheng city traffic police brigade clos du doubs yucheng city traffic police brigade typhoon yucheng municipal party committee propaganda department vice-minister li hu training site this training let send reform bureau staff to promote in exchange for discussion, inspired in draw lessons from each other, further broaden the new vision, new ability for ascension, will be in a more full enthusiasm into the work, new journey, dream caress set off again!Fire supervisor: Li Jinping Review: Fang Jianyong editor: Liu Shanshan