5 broken and valuable parts, do not throw away, sold can be refueled once

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There are thousands of parts in a car that will wear out and wear out over the course of the vehicle’s use.The service life of each part is different, some can be used for a year, some can be used for two years, to the time after replacement, otherwise prone to safety risks.Many people think that the parts they replace are junk, and it is useless to keep them.In fact, some parts on the car are also very valuable to sell scrap, it is a pity to lose directly.First, car wheel recycling stations often see a lot of abandoned wheels, which may be sold by a garage.There are mainly steel wheels, aluminum alloy wheels, magnesium alloy wheels on the market now, and a carbon fiber composite wheel, the first three kinds of wheels are more common in family cars.Steel, aluminum alloy materials are also more valuable, we replace the old wheel hub thrown in the repair shop, and finally they took the waste recycling station to sell.I might as well take it and sell it. I’ll get at least 80 bucks for it.Second, the car generator generator is the main power supply of the car. When the engine is working, the generator supplies power to all the electrical equipment and charges the battery.The car does not open for a long time, the generator can not charge the battery, three months later to drive again, the vehicle will not catch fire, so the need to regularly drive out the vehicle to charge.The generator is also a consumable and can fail.Before a lot of people don’t know the generator is valuable, after replacing it, they just leave it.In fact, the old generator can also be used for waste, the more new the price is also higher, generally a generator can be exchanged for 100-200 pieces.Third, air conditioning compressor air conditioning compressor is a less prone to failure of the equipment, but once the failure can not be maintained, can only be replaced.Compressor itself is a relatively valuable thing, even if broken, repairman can also disassemble parts from inside use.So it is the recycling value or relatively high, an old air conditioning compressor support we add oil is not a problem.Fourth, anyone who drives a three-way catalytic converter should know the importance of this part. It is an important configuration for dealing with automobile exhaust. Once the three-way catalytic converter fails, the automobile exhaust cannot reach the standard and the vehicle cannot pass the annual inspection.Car owners need to replace the three-yuan catalytic converter to bring the exhaust back up to standard.The three-way catalytic converter is also a very expensive part, with rare metals such as platinum, palladium and lawrencium in it, so the market price will reach thousands of yuan.Some big trucks are often stolen exhaust pipes, because truck exhaust pipes are too expensive.If the three-way catalytic converter breaks, don’t throw it away. You can sell it for a lot of money.Fifth, the importance of this part of the battery is certainly known to all, it is broken the car can not start.Because batteries can be repaired, and contain some precious metals, so used batteries are also very popular.Smart people replace batteries, take them with them, and sell them somewhere.Conclusion: Some parts on the car are not valuable, but some parts can be exchanged for money, although they can not continue to contribute to the car, but can create a little income for the owner.Don’t throw away the replacement parts when you go to repair your car in the future. Wouldn’t it be good to sell them for some oil money now that oil prices are so high?