New Hope for the New Year

2022-05-13 0 By

Qinzhou District Rong Media Center on February 5 (Reporter Zhang Danyang Li Pu) In the New Year, we always have hope for the future, on the new journey, each of us will work harder to let the happy sunshine shine into reality.So, in the New Year, what new expectations and blessings do you have?”In the New Year, I wish our great motherland prosperity, the people peace and happiness, I wish our plateau officers and soldiers peace and joy, health and success of your hard work,” military family Kim Xiuxiu said.College students Yang Yuchen and Yu Shaoping said: “In the New Year, as a college student, I still hope that the epidemic will be better and everyone can get back on track.”Tianshui 407 hospital skin cosmetology department nurse Gao Wen said: “The New Year, I hope everything goes well, the exam work two do not miss.I wish my family and friends health, peace and happiness.”Xin Jinyuan, a villager in Xinda village, Huaqi Town, said: “I hope to go out to find a good construction site and a good job next year, and earn more money to become rich by handicrafts.”Primary school students Yuan Ziru, Li Jinyi and Xin Zhenyao said, “I wish you all progress in study, smooth work, good health, good luck in everything and happy New Year in 2022.”(Editing/Chen Yiyang)