Real firecracker combat damage attack, land combat gundam model

2022-05-13 0 By

The battle damage gundam model modification has become a popular way for many modelers to modify the Gundam model, some by painting and others by other methods.Next we will bring you akakishi’s real firecracker battle damage attack, gundam model, how is the performance?Let’s take a look!A total of two gundam models were made, the first one is a gundam model.The assembled gundam model was bound with firecrackers, and then set off in a safe place. Finally, the model wrapped with firecrackers was recovered and reassembled. In order to increase the beauty of the model, a handsome platform was also equipped for this model.What do you think of the firecracker damage gundam model?The second model uses the Landbattle Gundam from squad 08 for firecracker damage.Similarly, the gundam model was bound and set off with firecrackers, and then the model was recycled and some details were added to complement the color. Then, with the platform, a handsome Zhan Zhan Gundam model was completed.In addition to the firecracker damage, the two models made by the model friends also carried out the old complementary color after recycling the model, so the effect is relatively good, ordinary firecracker damage is unable to present the effect of the above excellent work!