Recruit 10,000 people every year!Hunan launches “Farmer College Student Training program”

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The key to rural revitalization lies in people!Recently, the hunan provincial party committee organization department, the provincial education department, provincial departments, provincial human resources and social security hall, the province, provincial rural revitalization of the bureau of agriculture and rural areas hall and so on six departments jointly issued “about in the strategy of rejuvenating rural sustained implementation of the” peasant college students training plan “notice (hereinafter referred to as the” notice “), relying on hunan Open University education system,We will continue to implement the Program for cultivating rural college students.”Notice” pointed out that “farmer university student training plan” set two levels of junior college, undergraduate.Junior college students should have a senior high school diploma (including ordinary senior high school, ordinary technical secondary school, adult technical secondary school, vocational high school and technical school) and be under 45 years old.Bachelor’s degree should be a junior college degree searchable on the Internet and under the age of 50.To develop a target mainly present village “two committees” (including rural communities) team members and their reserve force, party members and the party activists, rich rural revitalization of leaders, high-quality farmers, agricultural management subject leader, social service organization leaders, new industrial workers and veterans are interested in the village work (including rural community).Those who meet the above conditions shall be recommended by the Party organization of the village (including rural community), the party (engineering) committee of the township (sub-district), examined by the Organization Department of the county, city or district Party committee, admitted by Hunan Open University, and obtained open education status.Or be admitted by Hunan Network Engineering Vocational College and obtain full-time higher vocational education (flexible schooling), which will be included in the cultivation scope of “Farmer College Student Training plan”.The plan will be implemented for six years, namely from 2021 to 2026, with an annual enrollment of about 10,000 students.Among them, about 7,000 students will be enrolled through open education (1,500 undergraduate students and 5,500 junior college students).About 3,000 vocational students with flexible academic system will be included in the national college entrance examination and unified enrollment plan, among which, the planned enrollment of Hunan Open University (provincial schools) and the planned enrollment of open universities in cities and counties will be allocated according to the application and the quality of running schools.Six years later, a new round of training plan will be formulated in time according to the situation of running a school and the new needs of the grassroots.The Notice clearly states thatOpen education management and administration of specialized subject mainly set leisure agriculture, agricultural facilities and equipment, gardening technology, modern agricultural economy management, landscape, animal husbandry and veterinary, food intelligent processing technology, legal affairs (countryside law service direction), administrative management (rural management direction), family farm management, construction project management, tea production and processing technology, social work,Rural information management, accounting, preschool education and other majors.Full-time higher vocational education (flexible system) mainly sets up dormitory administrator management and operation, forest ecological tourism and health care, e-commerce (agricultural and sideline product marketing direction), industrial and commercial enterprise management (township enterprise management direction), digital media technology, computer network, tourism management and other majors.Open education majors include landscape architecture, horticulture, rural regional development, administration (village and town management), law (rural legal service), accounting, civil engineering, computer Science and Technology, agricultural and forestry economic management, tourism management, health service and management, preschool education, etc.”Farmer College Student Training Plan” open education junior college and undergraduate education are two and a half years, full-time vocational education (flexible schooling) junior college education is generally three years, the longest is not more than six years.In addition to academic education, students are required to attend vocational skills and occupations (types of work) training for high-quality farmers, rural practical talents, rural innovation and entrepreneurship talents, leaders of rural revitalization, and peasant technicians held by relevant administrative departments in charge of agriculture and rural areas, rural revitalization, human resources and social security.After students complete the required credits, meet the requirements for graduation and master more than one vocational skill, they shall obtain the diploma of higher education in accordance with relevant regulations.Hunan began to carry out the cultivation of peasant college students in a planned and organized way in 2004, and has gone through three stages so far.In the first stage, from 2004 to 2014, under the leadership of the Organization Department of the CPC Provincial Committee and the Provincial Department of Education, HUNAN Development University implemented the “One College Student in one Village plan” of the Ministry of Education.The second stage is from 2015 to 2019. Under the direct leadership of the Organization Department of the CPC Provincial Committee, the project will be upgraded to “Farmer College Student Training Program”, which is no longer limited to one college student in one village, but also opens the undergraduate level.Starting from 2020, in the third stage, the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Department of Education will combine the training of rural grass-roots talents with the expansion of higher vocational enrollment, include it in the scope of full-time higher vocational enrollment, and launch the “Village (community) talent oriented Training Project”.The province has carried out the cultivation of peasant college students for 17 years. A total of 139,286 peasant college students have been enrolled, and 94,552 students have graduated. Both the number of students recruited and the number of graduates account for more than 1/6 of the total number of “One College Student in one Village Plan” during the same period in China.These students are deeply rooted in the countryside, serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers. They have become leaders of rural construction that “never retreat”, making outstanding contributions to winning the battle against poverty and promoting rural revitalization.Statistics on 40,379 graduates in the past five years show that about 77.2 percent of them have become village officials, and 55.6 percent have become leaders in rural industries and demonstration households with special skills.Source: Hunan Daily · New Hunan app