Love in Xu Zhimo’s pen is just like the “happiness of snowflakes”

2022-05-14 0 By

What does love look like in your eyes?Is the youth in that red, the first love in that white, or life in daily necessities.Everyone may have different interpretation of love, but the heart, count the best in this life, is when I come, coincides with your arrival!That’s what your love looks like!Today, I would like to share with you the joy of Snowflakes by xu Zhimo, a modern poet.In Xu Zhimo’s poems, love poems are the most characteristic part of all his poems, and snowflakes are his self-metaphor.Snowflakes swirl and disorderly, drizzly wine sprinkle, it carries love to a certain direction float in the sky, float in the sky, finally dissolve to the loved one’s heart.I hope you are as beautiful as the snowflakes flying in the sky.If I were a snowflake, fluttering in the air, I must recognize my direction — flying, flying, flying — this ground has my direction.Not to the lonely valley, not to the lonely hill, not to the lonely street — flying, flying, flying — see, I have my way!Dancing gracefully in the middle of the air, knowing the quiet place, waiting for her to come to the garden to visit — flying, flying, flying — ah, she has the fragrance of vermilia plum!Then, with my lightness, I clung to the skirt of her dress, close to her gentle bosom — melt, melt, melt — melt into her gentle bosom!