Lushi County City administration: rivefoot “tiger strength” rush project construction does not stop

2022-05-14 0 By

Henan economic news reporter Ding Guangzhan Trainee journalist Li Hongyuan correspondent Zhou yu wang zhang times recently, lushi second life waste plant and construction garbage recycling center project officially return to work, in order to ensure the project completed as soon as possible, construction personnel power, seize opportunity to accelerate the project construction, with the sprint start struggle attitude to open new journey, the year of the tigerThe formation of dry fast, speed up the strong atmosphere.The project is located in the south of Tiefurugou, Zhao Village, Hengjian Township, Lushi County. The total area of the project is 124.21 mu (including 35 mu of living waste treatment plant, 51.71 mu of construction waste plant, 37.5 mu of access road), with a total construction area of 28558㎡(including:Household waste 13,984 square meters, construction waste 14,574 square meters), the project total investment of 437 million yuan.The daily treatment scale of domestic waste is 300 tons (150t/d×2 production lines), daily treatment of kitchen waste is 30 tons, annual treatment scale of construction waste is 200,000 tons, and daily treatment of incineration slag is 45 tons. The construction content of the project is collaborative treatment plant of household waste, kitchen waste and construction waste.The main service area is the central city of Lushi County and 9 towns and 180 villages within 35 kilometers around.The domestic waste treatment process adopts the mechanical grate incineration process, and the flue gas purification system adopts the process flow of “SNCR+ semi-dry method (lime slurry)+ dry method (sodium bicarbonate dry powder)+ activated carbon injection + bag dust removal”.The kitchen waste adopts the processing technology of “press dehydration + three phase separation + dry slag incineration”.It is understood that the project has been started in July 2021, and is scheduled to be completed and put into operation in October 2022. In order to ensure that the project is completed and put into operation as scheduled, the project department took the action policy of not having a holiday during the Spring Festival this year under the advice of the county and City administration bureau, and worked overtime to organize the project construction.Up to now, 1.2 km of road into the factory has been fully completed, the road foundation has been completed;The main construction of the comprehensive office building and pump house has been completed.The plant construction of the two factories is dealing with the layout of the embedded parts of the foundation and equipment;Garbage incineration equipment, construction waste treatment equipment, steel structure room factory processing.The total investment has reached 147 million yuan, accounting for 59% of the total task.After the completion of the project will completely solve the urban area and surrounding towns garbage disposal problems, for the construction of livable beautiful and comfortable urban environment to lay the foundation.