Pass on the fighting spirit

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It is my dream to be the torchbearer of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Now, MY dream has come true.This is my fourth torchbearer, having carried the torch for the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics, the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 24th World University Winter Games, but for an ice athlete to carry the Olympic torch at home is very special.On February 2, when I held the first torch of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, I was so excited and proud that I can’t describe it in words.The prosperity and strength of the motherland let us have the strength to hold the Winter Olympic Games, let us see the vigorous development of China’s ice and snow sports.It was February 24, 1963, in Nagano, Japan. As I stood at the starting line for the final of the 57th Men’s World Speed skating Championships, my coach ran up to me, called my name, and told me to look down at what was on my chest.The tracksuit I was wearing was a sweater with the Chinese character “China” embroidered on it and a national emblem in the middle.I know what the coach means. To fight for my country and win glory for my country is the most important task for me.2:09.20! I win!I beat the opponent who was physically stronger than me and set a new world record for men’s 1,500 meters speed skating at that time. I became the first world champion in winter event in China.When I stood on the top podium, holding the MEDALS and certificates, the audience threw flowers at me and cheered for me.At that moment, I was so excited that I understood my mission and responsibility — to contribute to ice and snow sports in China.Over the decades, I have been involved in China’s snow and ice sports in different capacities, and speed skating has become an integral part of my life.Now, although I have been retired for 25 years, I still go to the national and provincial teams’ training to share my suggestions and thoughts.Today’s athletes have very complete security, from training facilities, training technology, assistive technology to food security are better than in the past.I believe that in such a training environment, young athletes will have the confidence and strength to stand on the top podium.I’m 81 years old, and I’ve contributed to speed skating and ice sports all my life.For me, what I hold in my hand is not only the torch of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, but also the cohesion of the fighting spirit of generations of Chinese ice and snow people.I hope to pass on the fighting spirit of the older generation of athletes through the Olympic torch.Go for it, boys!I look forward to your excellent performance in the Beijing Winter Olympics and glory for our country!Column chief editor: Gu Wanquan zhang Wu Text editor: Dong Siyun source: author: People’s Daily