These areas in Jinnan district will be relieved of lockdown control

2022-05-14 0 By

On January 27, The Prevention and control headquarters of Jinnan District issued a notice, according to the current epidemic situation and risk assessment in Jinnan District, the adjustment of the community control scope is as follows: Xinting Garden and Xinwangli North district of Xinzhuang Town will be lifted from 15 o ‘clock on January 27, 2022;Capital Xingjingyuan Building 1, Xianshuigu Town Xinchengli Building 13, Heli Yuan Building 8, Shuanggang Town Renyong Mingju Building 6 lifted the lockdown control building control;Xinchengli (Building 7-12, Building 14-18), Heli Yuan (except Building 8) and Renyongmingju (except building 6) of Shuanggang Town have lifted the control of the control area.The above areas will be included in the prevention zone management after being unsealed, and the scope of the remaining containment and control areas will remain unchanged.In the containment area, the area will continue to be closed, stay indoors and provide door-to-door services. Nucleic acid tests will be conducted regularly and health monitoring and control measures will be taken.In the controlled area, people are not allowed to leave the community, gathering is strictly prohibited, and home control is carried out. Each household can go out once every two days, and one person at a time can buy necessities at the designated place of the community under the premise of strict personal protection, and orderly go downstairs to the designated place for nucleic acid testing, as well as health monitoring control measures.Synthesis: Jinyun, net letter Jinnan review: Wang Shaoyun edit: Wang An material collation: Wang An, Chen Zhuo