Uefa champions League assists list: Barcelona have four players on the list, messi is behind Ribery and Cristiano Ronaldo has 17

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The Champions League is currently in the knockout phase, with 16 teams vying for the ultimate title.Take a look at the list of all-time assists in the knockout stages of the Champions League.Messi, Alves, Xavi 3 are the main members of the Golden generation of Barca, messi and Xavi together won 4 Champions League, and Alves joined Barca in 2008, also won 3 Champions League with the team.Iniesta, who has won nine La Liga titles and four Champions League titles, is also the leading midfielder of Barca’s golden generation. He is known for his dribbling and passing skills.Ryan Giggs, a Welsh native, has played 963 games for United, the most in the club’s history, and the most assists in the Premier League with 162.Giggs, who has won two Champions League titles in his career, tied Iniesta with 15 assists in the knockout stages.Ribery spent the best part of his career at Bayern Munich, winning the Champions League in 2011-13.Bayern have not won as many titles as these men, but they have reached the knockout stages every year and Ribery is second in the league for assists.Cristiano Ronaldo is second on the all-time list with five Champions League titles.In addition, his goals, assists, knockout goals, knockout assists are ranked first in history.Cristiano Ronaldo was the best striker in the world during his time with Real Madrid. Now Manchester United are struggling, but they have reached the knockout stages of the Champions League. I hope he can continue to work hard to win his sixth European Cup.Only Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Dani Alves and Franck Ribery are still playing, but Barca have slipped into the Uefa Champions League this season and are unlikely to qualify for the champions League next season.Franck ribery’s Salernitana have had relegation problems this season and the Champions League is out of the question.Only Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have any hope of continuing to set records.