Want to go to war?Russian forces could take Kiev within 72 hours after Putin’s surprise return from a major event in Beijing

2022-05-14 0 By

With the Winter Olympics still underway in Beijing and President Vladimir Putin suddenly absent from important events in Beijing, a U.S. general has given a chilling analysis to the West: Is war really going to break out in Ukraine if Russian forces can capture Kiev in 72 hours?After attending the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics and signing a series of energy cooperation agreements with China, Russian President Vladimir Putin did not stay in China and even skipped a state dinner hosted by Chinese leaders on Friday.Putin apparently some unusual, pay close attention to current events at this time should be all can guess, putin is absent in Beijing lightning return important activities, the main reason, or situation in order to guard against Ukraine, at this point, Mr Putin really needed in the kremlin, prepared to deal with all the change in the situation in Ukraine.Just a few days ago, the US announced to send more troops to Eastern Europe in the context of the Beijing Winter Olympics. In particular, it directly mobilized part of the 82nd Airborne Division, the STRATEGIC reserve force of the US mainland, showing that the US military is going to fight a big battle in Eastern Europe.With the U.S. military itching to try, Russia should be prepared for both the hope of a peaceful solution to the problem and the possible military provocation by the U.S.The fact that Mr. Putin returned to Moscow at this moment is no doubt a sign that he is deeply concerned about the situation in Ukraine and ready to mobilize Russian forces to meet any challenge.Despite the aggressive us side, but behind the tough appearance of the US, in fact, there is no certainty that the Russian military will win over Ukraine.In fact, an analysis by an American general shows the reality of the situation in Ukraine.Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said at a recent conference that in the event of a full-scale war with Ukraine, Russian forces could take Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, within 72 hours.In order to achieve this goal, Russian and Ukrainian troops will pay the price of 19,000 deaths, of course, the majority of the losses will be Ukrainian troops.That sounds are impressive, but still he probably underestimated the ability of Russian, Russian and Ukrainian troops the gap is not only on the hard power, to comprehensively consider the cultural homology of Ukraine, as well as the wu army morale is generally low, is likely to speed faster than the imagination in the progress of the war.It may take less than 72 hours for Russian tanks to move into Kiev, and Ukrainian government resistance may have been crushed.Even the U.S. military, known for its quick response, could provide at most one division-level unit to intervene in Ukraine on such short notice, making it difficult to stop the onslance of the Heavy Russian forces.So now Mr. Putin’s lightning return is a clear warning to the West and To Ukraine that Russia is prepared to deal with any eventuality in Ukraine, a strong warning to the United States.But the possibility of a war between Russia and Ukraine is small, and there is no need for a full-scale war.Russia has repeatedly stated that it does not seek to invade other countries, but only to prevent the West from further spreading NATO power eastward. Putin will not tolerate NATO missiles on Russia’s borders. That is Moscow’s bottom line.Despite the Ukrainian authorities’ persistent pro-Western stance, they do not dare to provoke Russia excessively in the face of Russia’s warning.This is especially true in Europe, where NATO has made it clear that Ukraine’s membership is out of the question in the foreseeable future.Even if the United States continues to advocate the so-called possibility of Ukraine joining NATO, but under the strong deterrence of Russia, There is not much realistic possibility of Ukraine joining NATO, and the motive of russia-Ukraine all-out war does not exist.Even if the United States makes a show of being prepared to intervene militarily, the deployment of just 2,000 troops is a long way from a large-scale conflict, and the presence of a single aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean suggests that the American military is far from ready for a large-scale war.So Mr. Putin is now wrapping up his trip to China quickly and returning to Moscow to take command, mainly to keep a close eye on events in Ukraine, just in case.After all, as long as Putin is sitting in Moscow, the U.S. and Ukraine will feel an extra strain. They should know that Putin is watching the situation closely, which is the main reason for putin’s quick return home.But on the other hand, he came to Beijing, has signed a cooperation agreement with China, and made the china-russia joint statement, his visit is the most important goal is reached, leaving Beijing now also does not have too much regret, although can’t watch the winter Olympics, but it is also for a harried leaders can’t.