Annual tax of 3 trillion yuan?What are the benefits of property tax?

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Real estate tax affects the hearts of the people, many experts and scholars also very much agree with the real estate tax on the market regulation, and call for the introduction of real estate tax as soon as possible.So what are the benefits of a property tax?1, maintain the healthy development of real estate I believe you are not unfamiliar with the property tax, in Chongqing, China, although the effect of property tax is not big, but the effect of the introduction of property tax in developed countries is very obvious.Real estate tax is a two-edged weapon, according to each city and the circumstances to formulate the corresponding policy, keep the steady and healthy development of real estate, on the one hand, protect the legitimate rights and interests of buyers, on the other hand, emphatically on the housing speculation behavior, no matter prices rise or fall, for the national economy has influence, can stabilize the housing market is an ideal state,There is no doubt that property taxes play such a key role.On January 4, Kerry Real Estate Research Center released that as of December 28, 2021, the land market transaction area of 300 cities in China was 2.05 billion square meters.This is a 22% drop compared with the same period in 2020, in line with the changing trend of land transaction size.Compared with 2020, the value of transactions has shrunk significantly, with the value of land transactions nationwide reaching 6,249.4 billion yuan, down 10 percent year-on-year.Although gains from land sales have declined, the overall proportion remains high.Real estate was once known as the main support force for economic development. This sentence obviously fails to say that today we can enjoy high-speed, high-speed rail, parks, medical care, education and other supporting facilities. Real estate has played a great role.With the trend of the whole real estate becoming safer, the income from selling land is certainly not as substantial as in the past.Long-term income is needed to help supplement land sales.In 2022, the total value of China’s real estate market is about 450 trillion yuan.Assuming that one third of the real estate needs to pay about 1%~2% property tax, then the annual tax is as high as 1.5~3 trillion yuan, which largely alleviates the loss caused by land transfer.The rise in property prices in recent years has made many families rich, but many people say there are already enough homes in China for three billion people, with a vacancy rate of 22.3%, according to a survey by the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics.China’s overall inventory has soared, and with the introduction of the property tax, households with multiple homes will definitely have priority in selling distressed properties on the market.Many people in the market at the same time choose to watch the market.In order to sell the property as soon as possible, they prefer to sell the property at a lower price, and no one chooses to hype the property later.