Fan Kexin is in group seven!Short track speed skating preliminary group results out: Wu Dajing group 3

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Beijing time on February 4, short track speed skating 1000 meters preliminary group results.The men’s short-track 1,000m heat will kick off tomorrow night at 19:00 at the Capital Stadium.China’s Ren Ziwei will play in the second group.Wu Dajing, who won gold in the 500 meters at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, is in the third group with Russian Olympian Simon.Lee is in group five with Hwang Dae-hun, a south Korean short track speed skater.Hungary’s brother players Liu Shaolin, Liu Shaoang respectively in the points in group 7, group 8.The men’s 1,000m event is very competitive.Korean athlete Hwang Dae-heon, Canadian athlete Dieng, Russian Olympic team athlete Simon, Dutch athlete Delaat, Hungarian athletes Kruger, Liu Shao-lim, Liu Shao-ang and others have all stood on the podium in this season’s World Cup.Ren won gold at this season’s World Cup in Nagoya, but failed to reach the final in any other race.Look forward to his good performance in the Winter Olympics.In the end, the top two and the four fastest third-place finishers in each group advance to the quarter-finals.Beijing time on February 4, short track speed skating women’s 500-meter preliminary group results.The women’s 500-meter heat will start at 19 o ‘clock on May 5.Qu Chunyu, a Chinese short track speed skater, will compete in the second group, along with David Schuiting of the Netherlands and Lee Yoobin of South Korea.Zhang Yuting will be in the fifth group, the same group and Italian great fang Tana.Fan Kexin is in group seven.Choi Min-jeong of South Korea is in the eighth group.The top two and four fastest third-place finishers in each 500-meter heat advance to the quarter-finals.Chinese players side, the most bright eye is undoubtedly this year has been 29 years old veteran Fan Kexin.Fan Kexin’s strength is very strong. She has won five gold MEDALS in the 500 meters at the World Championships, making her talent and strength recognized by everyone.But fan kexin’s failure to win a gold medal in the 500-meter event at the Olympics also became her regret, and she was just one Olympic gold medal away from a grand Slam in the 500-meter event.Qu Chunyu of the second group won the 3,000-meter relay in 4:08.746 in Salt Lake City of the United States during the 2019-20 Short track Speed Skating World Cup.Dutchman Shulting in group 2 and Italy’s Fontana in Group 5 are also old rivals of The Chinese players.Qu Chunyu and Zhang Yuting will compete with them for qualifying places.