How can we enhance psychological immunity in the face of the epidemic?The experts tell you

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This time, the COVID-19 epidemic in Huaihua has brought inconvenience to the lives of citizens. One round, two rounds, three rounds, four rounds of nucleic acid…;Seal control area, control area, prevention area, entry and exit brush health code, stroke code, a code is difficult to find.People stopped the pace in a hurry, once bustling streets instantly cold down.Many people are quarantined at home, and people not only need to prevent the virus but also bear various psychological pressures. In such a special period, as a psychological worker, I would like to talk to you today: in the face of the epidemic, how can we improve our “psychological immunity”?To help us fight the epidemic and defeat the virus.One, identify, accept, manage their own emotions home isolation some people will be angry, some people will be helpless, some people will be depressed….And so on, because the virus has changed our original lives and plans and so on.Moderate levels of emotional stress are good, helping us identify and keep away from danger, but excessive negative emotions can damage our health;No matter what emotions you have at this time, these are your normal psychological reactions.So identify and accept your emotions so you can better manage them.We’ve always underestimated the intelligence of the body, which has a sophisticated immune system.This is not only immunity in the narrow sense of Western medicine, but also includes self-diagnosis, management of human resources, self-repair and regeneration.How do you make use of your time at home?Usually busy with work and family communication may not be much, use this opportunity to communicate with family more.Modern means of transportation, voice and video, connect with our relatives and friends, get emotional support and communication, get company and strength, meet the love of receiving and giving.You can also do a lot of things that you don’t have time to do. For example, you can go through old photo albums and sort out things that you don’t have time to sort out.Talk about your experiences and feelings that you don’t have time to talk about.Say a word of thanks to your family;Ask the family to oneself affirmation and expectation have what?Find a book you don’t have time to read and finish it, enjoy your favorite tea with your family, download a movie you would like to watch but don’t have time to watch, cook a few dishes for your family, etc.Love and high quality emotional connection are the driving forces of happiness, security and other emotional satisfaction.Staying home with your partner and telling them how much you love them can help lower your cholesterol levels.There are reports that if you show your love to your family for 20 minutes a week, your cholesterol level will drop within 5 weeks.Cherish the moment with your family and leave no regrets.At present, there is very little we can do individually, but if everyone can do what they can, change what they can, accept what they cannot, manage their emotions well, and constantly improve their physical and mental immunity, change is happening!You will give your children a template to respond correctly to whatever they encounter, so that at the end of the epidemic, we will not only win the battle, but also improve the relationship between parents and children, and enhance the psychological resilience of family members.Under the epidemic, different mentality, different life.(the fourth people’s hospital of psychology of huaihua city Expert introduction xiu-yun shen xiu-yun shen) Fourth people’s hospital of doctor of vice director of huaihua city psychology of psychological consultants, a therapist’s first integrated body ego state therapist Eric’s German society certification MEG certified hypnotherapist, huaihua city, hunan province mental health association