Brother and sister!Sun Zhuopeng Wenle Spring Festival reunion, each sent flowers mother and son hug led to tears collapse net friends

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It is always a pleasure to have friends coming from afar, especially during the Spring Festival, when it is a tradition and a rare happiness for the little people to visit their relatives and friends.During the Spring Festival of 2020, Peng Gaofeng and others, who had shared joys and sorrows with Sun Haiyang, visited Sun Zhuo’s grandparents’ home to pay a New Year’s visit. Friends got together and they had a party together.Sun Haiyang and Peng Gaofeng have been supporting, encouraging and helping each other for more than 10 years.Their shared experience of searching for their lost son has already made them a family.This year the Spring Festival, for the two families gathered together, has a very special significance, after all, Sun Haiyang couple also finally got back their children.Sun Zhuo, son of Sun Haiyang, and Peng Wenle, son of Peng Gaofeng, both have similar life experiences: they were abducted by human traffickers when they were young and were forced to separate from their biological parents for many years.They grew up in their own parents unremitting efforts to find, now from the buyer’s home back to their biological parents.When Peng Gaofeng couple with their children came to visit the sun home, Sun Haiyang, Peng Gaofeng two lost and orphaned families of the two children, Sun Zhuo and Peng Wenle so met together.Sun Zhuo and Peng Wenle had never met before, but because of their similar experiences and their similar ages, they talked over the dinner table.Sun Zhuo, who always wears a mask and glasses, took off his mask and glasses at the dinner table.In the shot, sun Zhuo is cute without glasses. His smiling eyes are very similar to Zhuo Ma’s, and his face looks half smaller than Peng wenle’s in the shot.As soon as Sun Zhuo and Peng Wenle met, they became very good friends.From the chat records of Sun Zhuo and Peng Wenle posted by Peng Gaofeng, it can be seen that Sun Zhuo calls himself and Peng Wenle brothers and sisters.Many netizens couldn’t help laughing when they saw the conversation.Seeing the two little guys getting close to each other, some netizens said that if Du xiaohua’s son also came, it would be a real reunion.Later, Peng gaofeng’s wife posted a video about Sun Zhuo and Peng Wenle on social media.Peng’s wife captioned the video: “The big thing the two kids plotted together was to buy happy flowers for their mother.”At that time, Sun Haiyang and Peng Gaofeng were playing mahjong together, and Sun Zhuo, who looked a little embarrassed, went to Peng Siying, Sun Zhuo’s mother, who was playing mahjong, holding flowers.Although peng Siying was a little surprised, seeing some of her lovely sons coming with flowers, she stood up happily and took the flowers from Sun Zhuo. The mother and son embraced each other affectionately.Peng Siying appeared in the video, happy from ear to ear, her long and thin eyes, has narrowed into a line.After Peng siying excitedly received the flowers from Sun Zhuo, the picture of the mother and son embracing each other made netizens feel like they were about to burst into tears.After 14 years of trying to find a son, seeing his son Sun Zhuo is so sensible, the 14 years’ hard work seems to have been worth it.Of course, since it is a plot between the two little guys, the scene of sending flowers to his mother must be accompanied by Peng Wenle giving her a bouquet of flowers.Peng wenle is taller than her own mother. When the mother and son embraced each other, the petite mother leaned on peng wenle’s arms, looking like a bird.During the Spring Festival, visiting New Year’s eve and giving red envelopes to children must be a rite of passage.At the front of the dinner table, when Peng Gaofeng handed out a red envelope to Sun Haiyang’s child, sun Zhuo was the first lucky one to receive a red envelope from his parents’ friends because sun Zhuo was sitting closer to Peng Gaofeng.Sun Zhuo’s sister Sun Yue has joined the work, according to reason is not supposed to receive red envelopes.When Peng Gaofeng handed over Sun Yue’s red envelope, Sun Zhuo, who was shaking his eyes at the sight of the red envelope, took advantage of his embarrassed sister’s hesitation and immediately grabbed sun Yue’s red envelope and took it for himself.A trace of surprise sun Yue flashed across his face, from his brother Sun Zhuo Yang proud expression, to see his childhood that naughty Sun Zhuo back.Perhaps it was the small detail of handing out red envelopes and snatching red envelopes that enabled Sun Zhuo to retrieve his childhood memories smoothly?