Carlo Ancelotti turns a blind eye to three players for euro261m

2022-05-16 0 By

From the Spanish media, newspaper headlines in the local time on February 5th, latest reports “on the edge of the real Madrid star”, carlo ancelotti for azar, bell, has about three big star turn a blind eye, real Madrid before the signing of the three star spent a total of 261 million euros, but each person is just one goal scored this season, but their salary amount is up to 70 million euros,Hazard, Bale, jovic three salaries have been more than real Madrid’s entire team 1/5.Bale, 32, has made just three appearances for Real in all competitions this season and is expected to leave at the end of the season as his contract expires in five months ‘time and real have no intention of renewing it.Hazard, now 31 years old, joined Real Madrid before he was the third man after Melo, London’s king, after joining Real Madrid, to become real Madrid’s “Dembele”, fans called “Burger King”.With Hazard contracted to Real Madrid until 2024, the Belgium captain has become too much of a liability to sell.Jovic, 24, is a former Bundesliga player who has failed to live up to expectations since joining Real Madrid and has no intention of leaving the club due to his high salary, with both sides contracted until 2025.Aspen newspaper described azar, bell, about who the three real Madrid star is in the edge of the stars, they are not in carlo ancelotti’s plans, in addition to the contract is about to expire, bell azar, about who are difficult to cash out, they two probability of National People’s Congress will be like a bear, endure the high salary contract with real Madrid, because after the outbreak could not find such a high salary.