Rub heat don’t hit draft!Entertainment star Zhang Yixing loves rolling over his car, chatting + advertising!

2022-05-16 0 By

Recently, Winter Olympic champion Gu Ailing called entertainment star Zhang Yixing during her live broadcast.I thought Zhang Yixing can use his own practical actions, perfect interpretation of what is the entertainment of a family.As a result, zhang yixing accidentally overturned his car while connecting to Gu.Many Of Gu’s fans were angry at Zhang’s performance during the livestreaming, saying he was just chatting and advertising the whole time.Zhang Yixing probably thinks he’s more famous than Gu, so he feels like he’s a bit of a usurper.He first worked hard to promote his new song and asked Gu if she had heard it.Zhang yixing, of course, is trying to get a positive response from Gu so he can prove he’s so popular that even Olympic champions know his songs.But Ms. Gu, an outspoken Beijing chick who doesn’t know how to be polite, says she hasn’t heard Mr. Zhang’s songs.Zhang Yixing was a little worried and suggested that Gu check out his new songs.At the same time, Zhang yixing asked for Gu’s contact information, which onlookers found rude.Because average person knows, ask a schoolgirl to want contact way rashly, it is very bold move.The most upsetting thing for Gu’s fans is that Zhang Yixing even asked her if she had Bing Dwen Dwen?Zhang Yixing obviously didn’t do his homework before live-streaming. He knew bing Dwen Dwen was hot, but he didn’t know what Bing Dwen Dwen meant to Olympic athletes.So Zhang Yixing’s attempt to rub off on the heat has made him unpopular with many passers-by.The feeling is that since Zhang yixing knows he’s going to connect with Gu, he should have done his homework.Even if Zhang Yixing is too busy to do his own homework, the team behind him should stock him up with a few winter Olympics lore.In addition, zhang yixing’s livestreaming interaction with Gu is also random, and there are few valuable questions and interactions other than trying to promote his new songs.Zhang could have raised the profile of Gu Ailing, one of the most popular athletes at the Olympics.Zhang Yixing, however, doesn’t know how to cherish it, and eventually overturned his car and ruined his character during the live broadcast.(Luo Manager)