Bank of Shanghai to do things

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Under the epidemic, online shopping has surged, and finance has timely “blood transfusion”.In order to facilitate the capital flow and smooth operation of the supply chain of Ding Dong Mai CAI, Bank of Shanghai quickly lent nearly 500 million yuan in the past week to increase financial support to small and medium-sized suppliers of Ding Dong Mai CAI through the online supply chain finance platform of “Uplink E Chain”.According to reports, Ding Dong Mai food has set up a cross-department special group to guarantee the supply, the demand for guarantee as the highest priority, procurement, production, logistics links by special-level docking.Suppliers of Ding Dong Mai Food can initiate business applications, sign contracts and release repayment online on bank of Shanghai’s “Uplink E Chain” platform. The efficient, convenient and safe supply chain financial services help Ding Dong Mai food further improve its ability to guarantee people’s livelihood.As the leading fresh food e-commerce provider in China, Ding Dong Mai CAI provides a “contactless” fresh supply model, which has become an important help to guarantee the supply of residents’ “vegetable basket”.At the beginning of this month, The Bank of Shanghai signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Ding Dong Mai CAI, which immediately launched a number of strategic coordination measures and launched financial solutions for agricultural supply chain, effectively solving the financing difficulties and high financing costs of small and micro enterprises related to agriculture.According to relevant personage introduces Shanghai bank, the bank through “scene + product + risk control” of the organic combination of superposition “online + digital” service mode, the formation of relying on the ding-dong buy vegetables “data flow, cash flow, logistics,” “generic core enterprise supply chain collaborative management and financial cooperation pattern, deal with suppliers and buy vegetables tinkling history ‘performance to evaluate the dimension for customer selection,Artificial intelligence, biometrics and big data are used to build a risk control model for loan three-check. Through the “contactless” service mode, financing services for order production and stock preparation are provided to the suppliers of Ding Dong Mai CAI nationwide.In addition to Shanghai, Bank of Shanghai has served suppliers in gansu, Guangxi, Shanxi, Guangdong, Henan, Shandong, Anhui, Fujian and other places. The farthest supplier is 2000 kilometers away from Shanghai.The smallest withdrawal for a single amount is only 10 yuan.Up to now, Bank of Shanghai has successfully granted loans to more than 700 small agribusiness enterprises in Ding Dong Maicai upstream, with a total amount of more than 9 billion yuan.The “Upstream E-chain” platform of BANK of Shanghai provides standardized and high-quality online supply chain financial services, constantly improving the quality and efficiency of service to customers at the long end of the industrial chain, precise drip irrigation, practical service to the real economy, and help guarantee people’s livelihood.Column chief editor: Li Ji Text editor: Yu Honghao thematic source: author: Shangguanyu