Fortune went public. We got the association wrong?

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Lenovo has been the focus of public opinion market, with all kinds of wind everywhere, Lenovo has not too much response.However, it is understandable that the news existing in online public opinion must be no surprise to Lenovo, and it is not easy for the public to get a formal response.Lenovo, however, has been unusually positive when it comes to news about its positive corporate image.Fortune has spoken out, releasing the key list information.What is Lenovo’s response?Have we misunderstood the association?Lenovo was founded and 100 percent owned by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).This I believe we all understand, so for a long time everyone’s impression of Lenovo is very good, looking forward to the early rise of Lenovo technology, win glory for the country.However, since the implementation of the share reform system, the management represented by Liu Chuanzhi gradually separated Lenovo Group from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and turned it into a completely private holding company, which also became the Lenovo known by everyone today.More details of the past do not go into depth, since the association embarked on their own choice of road, it can only wait and see what has changed.Lenovo has made a series of achievements seem to have not let the outside world disappointed, won one after another PC shipment market first, personal computer computer, notebook computer and other PC product shipments are ranked first in the world, the influence is very large.In addition, the world famous magazine “Fortune” also released an important list, lenovo on the list.According to Fortune’s most Admired Companies list for 2022, Lenovo has made it to fifth place in computing, a six-year high.The data is certainly compelling, with Fortune’s influential statistical analysis of the world’s top companies, executives and market values.Lenovo group is very excited about this news, said lenovo in this year’s selection whether innovation ability or product quality has a very good performance.It is clear that Lenovo is constantly monitoring the state of the news in the industry. By promoting positive and positive news, it helps improve the group’s image in the public mind.It is understandable why Lenovo would shrug off online public opinion but respond positively to positive news.The fact whether such as lenovo said to be their judge, said lenovo’s innovation ability, management, global competition, there may be a different argument, want to give a specific answer is unlikely, after all, everyone’s heart to lenovo has a different view, many ideas are easy to subjective impression.So from an objective perspective, Lenovo’s no. 5 spot on Fortune’s 2022 Most Admired Companies list is right there. Are we all wrong about Lenovo?Have you misunderstood the association?In fact, to observe the trend of online public opinion news, there is an obvious feature, that is, there is a hate iron does not become steel.Those who have more expectations, hope, when they see a series of lenovo news, the reaction is more enthusiastic.They say that r&d investment is not valued, most of the company’s profits are divided up by senior executives, and Liu Chuanzhi holds a pension of more than 100 million yuan.Lenovo will cling to the title of “computer assembler” even if it gets the number one PC market for 2021.Fortune publicly said that the company ranked no. 5 on the list is certainly praised by global users, but this is completely different from the public opinion storm on the Internet, so what is the objective fact?Have we all misunderstood the association?A closer look at the data from Fortune’s 2022 list of the world’s most admired Companies shows that the top five companies don’t include Lenovo.They are Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Pfizer and Walt Disney.Even further down, lenovo’s name is nowhere to be seen.What’s going on here?What about number five on the list?It turns out that fortune publishes lists with two kinds of statistics, one is all-star list and the other is industry list.Lenovo, on the other hand, belongs to the industry list and ranks fifth in the computing industry in this list.So there is nothing wrong with Lenovo being the fifth on the list, and lenovo group’s positive response to the news specifically mentions “computing industry”.This shows that in the specific segmentation of the computing industry, Lenovo’s appreciation is in the fifth place.There are more than 100 industry types in the world, and outstanding giants and representative enterprises in all walks of life. When it comes to the Internet industry, people will think of Tencent and Alibaba, and when it comes to the mobile phone industry, they will think of Apple and Xiaomi, etc.In the broad computer industry market, Lenovo’s popularity is indeed world-class, otherwise it would not have surpassed asustek, HP and other giants in several PC market lists.So Lenovo won the fifth place in the computing industry is deserved, but such data performance has lifted the paranoid impression of Lenovo, eliminate the misunderstanding of Lenovo is unknown.If Lenovo does not want to remain in the misunderstanding, it should show more good results and prove itself with practical actions, so as to win back the hearts of the public.In the end, lenovo takes the route of trade, industry and technology. The control of market trade is obviously higher than the emphasis on technology research and development, which is also the place that people are concerned about.Fortunately, Yang Yuanqing has the idea of attaching importance to scientific research investment. In the next few years, he will continue to increase the recruitment of core science and technology talents, expecting Lenovo to deliver a satisfactory report card for everyone.What do you think about that?Welcome to leave a message and forward.