Zhejiang Jinhua Special Equipment Inspection and Testing Institute was inaugurated

2022-05-17 0 By

China Quality News Network (Yin Xueting) Jinhua Special Equipment Inspection and Testing Institute (Jinhua Special equipment emergency disposal command Center) was officially inaugurated in the morning of February 10th.The hospital is approved by jinhua Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of Zhejiang Province, renamed from the original “Jinhua Special Equipment Testing Center”.Jinhua city market supervision bureau today on the opening ceremony, points out that from the “center” to “school”, the change of the name is a kind of external form, more important is the ascension of inner essence, verify the quality promotion from the internal construction and management, to shape change, innovation, service economy development aspects of iterative upgrade of all, focus on strengthening the construction of platform, equipment, personnel, scientific research,To achieve better results in security and service development., said an official with the school changed its name to integrating the resource of the city, and to better serve the local economy development, Jin Huate inspection institute will be in the “name” as an opportunity to involved in the construction of internal management, inspection quality improvement, innovation to shape change, service economy development iterative upgrade, explore new situation, the institutions to strengthen public properties and to promote the realization of their own development supplement each other path,We will find a way to develop and reform the security and service industries that meet the development requirements of the new era, encourage the development and expansion of institutions, and comprehensively enhance their capacity to ensure security and serve society.It is understood that in recent years, the Municipal Special Inspection Institute takes the security guarantee of special equipment as the main line, takes the digital reform as the lead, and gives full play to the technical support function to ensure the safe operation of special equipment in the city.In 2021, the municipal party committee, under the support of public hospital reform fruitful new institution, fully stimulate the entrepreneurial passion and enthusiasm, head of the employees, the city completed 104049 sets of special equipment missile d etection and installation inspection, the inspection volume growth of 13.75%, trying to eliminate potential safety hazard in time, not more than large special equipment accidents in the city,We will ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.