Anything against Russia?This proposal by Ukraine’s foreign minister is off the mark

2022-05-18 0 By

Since the outbreak of the russia-Ukraine conflict, Ukraine has quickly seized the opportunity to request the United States and other countries to provide various kinds of assistance to Ukraine, almost treating the United States and other countries as “cash machine”.However, the United States and other countries also want to contain Russia by providing assistance to Ukraine, so they are almost responsive to Ukraine’s demands.Ukraine has also repeatedly asked China and other countries to condemn Russia.While many countries are calling for a negotiated solution, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kurleba made a new proposal.The proposal, which calls on all countries to “criminalize” the use of the “Z” character in support of Russia, is, it has to be said, a big departure.Since the conflict began, Russian military equipment with a white Latin letter “Z” has often been visible on social media.For Russians, this letter symbolizes victory, from the first letter of Russian за победу (victory), but it has become the subject of western criticism.The West thinks that Z is not just a letter but a symbol of Russia s support.Therefore, in the eyes of the West, people use “Z” to express support for Russia, which is a kind of Pro-Russian performance.It is clear that western countries have gone to any lengths to oppose Russia.As these ideas emerged in the West, some companies were affected.French luxury brand Louis Vuitton’s (LV) design has caused controversy, with the appearance of a jewelry that closely resembles the letter “Z”. Some netizens believe that the brand is trying to show its support for Russia.Notably, the brand has suspended operations in Russia.With so much prejudice against the letter “Z” in many Western people today, some businesses are already considering ways to reduce their use of the letter.Recently, the brand logo of an insurance company in Zurich, Switzerland is the letter “Z”.The company has made it clear that it will drop the letter “Z” in order to avoid a misunderstanding of its business.In addition, a few German states have tried to pass laws to prevent people from flashing the letter “Z” in public places.After Germany’s announcement, Kuleba quickly took to social media to call for countries to boycott the letter “Z”, saying that the use of the letter should be made a crime.It is obvious that Ukraine’s proposals are not justified, and that the western anti-Russia campaign has now reached hysteria.As early as after the outbreak of the conflict, the West continued to expand the sanctions against Russia, from the original economic and financial sanctions to humanities, semiconductors and many other fields, but the negative impact of the sanctions will also bite back on the West, such as the rise in the price of natural gas in many European countries.Once again, the abuse of sanctions is not the right way to solve the problem.Part of the news reference source: