More than 500 Meituan takeaway riders in Linwei District underwent nucleic acid testing

2022-05-19 0 By

(Reporter: Li Sen) On April 1, The Market Supervision Bureau of Linwei District organized and coordinated the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Linwei District to conduct nucleic acid testing for more than 500 Meituan delivery riders, to further strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic and ensure the safety of online ordering.Sampling site, the delivery is lined two riders to keep one meter distance, under the organization of the staff, one by one to register, sampling, the sleek, nucleic acid detection through regular organization, will further compaction compaction take-out platform epidemic prevention and control of main body responsibility, ensure the meal and rider distribution safety users during the outbreak.At the same time, the district Market Supervision Bureau also guided and urged the takeout platform to establish a sound personnel control mechanism, fully grasp the safety and health status of employees and riders, employees and riders who do not meet the requirements, resolutely put an end to work, resolutely put an end to the delivery of orders.Liu Chao, Delivery Manager of Weinan Station of Meituan Takeout:Our city there are about more than 500 riders, according to the requirements of the market regulator, basically every two weeks for the rider to do a nucleic acid detection, our riders start daily duty will be to a temperature monitoring of the rider, at the same time demanding rider distribution in the process of the entire wearing masks, before another rider daily post, the rider’s meal box will be disinfected, wiped,The current vaccination rate for our riders is 100%.