Peace Hospital: Multidisciplinary collaboration for the safety of mothers and children at high risk

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Yellow River News Network changzhi: Recently, the department of Obstetrics of Peace Hospital affiliated to Changzhi Medical College in the department of respiratory medicine, cardiovascular medicine, intensive care medicine, anesthesiology and other 9 departments of cooperation, successfully completed the cesarean section for congenital scoliosis, severe humpback women.As a “special” pregnant woman, Xiao Li suffered a lot during her entire pregnancy.With the increase of gestational weeks, the fetus continues to develop, Xiao Li’s internal organs by several times more than normal maternal pressure.In addition, gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes and other complications have been accompanied by her, the whole pregnancy, great risks and difficulties always exist.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the puerpera was suddenly hospitalized in emergency. After the doctor’s diagnosis, the puerpera’s scoliosis, thoracic deformity, with severe preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, gestational hypertension and many other complications, and the pregnancy will aggravate the condition…In the face of such “special” puerpera, obstetrical medical staff attaches great importance to it. Liu Junli, director of the department of obstetrics, quickly started multidisciplinary consultation of the critical maternity treatment team of the whole hospital.Experts from respiratory medicine, cardiovascular medicine, intensive care medicine, anesthesiology, hematology, neonatology, blood transfusion medicine, medical care and law and regulations gathered to discuss Xiao Li’s condition.Experts work together to make a very detailed surgical plan for Xiao Li.Given Xiao Li’s small size and the number of complications that would increase the risk of bleeding during surgery, transfusion medicine was prepared in case it was needed.Consultation decision as soon as possible for Xiao Li cesarean section to terminate pregnancy.Having a baby is like going through a “gate of death”. For Xiao Li, there is more than one barrier.Xiao Li’s important organs were under pressure, and her circulation function and regulation function were poor. Due to the limited position of anesthesia operation, anesthesia was extremely difficult and risky, and the fetus would face huge circulation fluctuation before and after removal.In order to ensure the anesthesia was safe and smooth, the anesthesia team led by Jia Jintai, director of the department of anesthesiology, inspected Xiao Li’s condition for many times, carefully conducted preoperative evaluation, and communicated with her and her family members in detail about the anesthesia and operation.”Life!Born!It’s a boy!”After multidisciplinary cooperation, obstetrics director Liu Junli with superb medical technology, surgery at one go.At the same time, the follow-up work is also carried out in a tense and orderly way. The actual number of the child is only 28 weeks, and his weight is only over 2 catties. He is a premature, high-risk and extremely low weight child, accompanied by mild asphyxia.The neonatal resuscitation team, consisting of neonatologists and midwives, immediately provides professional examination and treatment for resuscitation, oxygen inhalation, warmth, etc. After successful resuscitation, the obstetric midwife and pediatrician escort the newborn to the neonatal care unit.Finally, with strict cooperation, Xiao Li gave birth smoothly and mother and child were in peace.And Xiao Li is also in obstetric care under the careful care of the condition improved, smooth discharge.It is understood that multidisciplinary solutions to difficult and critical cases is a new concept of obstetrics in Heping Hospital.Recently, the obstetrics MDT team opened maternal medicine, the whole pregnancy management, good pregnancy clinic, fetal medicine, labor analgesia and other MDT expert clinics, covering ultrasound imaging department, neonatology, cardiac surgery, pediatric surgery, cardiology, radiology, rheumatology, traditional Chinese medicine and other experts in more than 20 departments.Hope that through the “one-stop” service so that pregnant mothers feel comfortable, at ease through the whole pregnancy.(Wang Yuan, Liu Juan, Wu Yuanyuan, Li Guoyan) [Edit: Zhang Le]