Flying pigs to buy air tickets and send nucleic acid coupons service expanded to cover 40 airlines nearly 2,000 routes

2022-05-20 0 By

The Spring Festival is drawing near, but repeated outbreaks of the epidemic in some regions have increased uncertainties for travelers returning home during and after the Spring Festival.On January 28th, the reporter understands from flying pigs, launch buy ticket send nucleic acid detection in previous vouchers, on the basis of home for the Spring Festival peak time of reservation and hot air, flying pigs to further expand the coverage of the service, including China international airlines, hainan airlines, xiamen airlines kunming, capital of aviation, aviation, long dragon air, such as super 20 to join the operation navigation,Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, Zhuhai Jinwan Airport and Haikou Meilan Airport also jointly launched offline code scanning and nucleic acid test certificate delivery service with Feizhu.So far, the operation has covered 40 airlines and nearly 2,000 routes, and the scope of application is still expanding.It is reported that, in addition to nucleic acid test coupons, passengers can also enjoy the airport pick-up and drop-off rights from January 27 to February 16 when they buy the corresponding airline tickets in Feizu. The domestic airport pick-up and drop-off prices are as low as 68 yuan.(FIG. :On January 14, Feizhu announced that it has launched the service of complimentary nucleic acid coupons for ticket purchase with 18 airlines.Covering southern Airlines, Eastern Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Shandong Airlines, Junxiang Airlines, Xizang Airlines, Hunan Airlines, colorful Guizhou Airlines, Ruili Airlines, East China Sea Airlines, Nine yuan Airlines, Hebei Airlines, Xiangpeng Airlines, Happiness Airlines, Fuzhou Airlines, Guilin Airlines, Jiangxi Airlines 18 airlines.(Photo: Feizu and the airport jointly launched the service of scanning codes and sending nucleic acid test certificates.) Now, the service scenario is further extended.The addition of airlines and airports will also bring more convenience to passengers returning after the holiday.Xiang Min, head of the airline’s ticket and car business, said that the travel density during the Spring Festival holiday is high, so The airline and the airline launched this policy in the hope of providing better service experience for passengers who decide to travel, and adding a guarantee of safe travel.It is reported that in addition to buying air tickets and giving nucleic acid coupons, Feizu also launched “epidemic prevention information query” in the App recently, and launched “free refund” for Spring Festival car rental, so as to serve users to travel in peace.At the same time, for the local Chinese New Year people, Flying Pig also launched Spring Festival car rental special, hotel “second night half price” and other activities.Welcome to pay attention, know the man of the moment, read the legend of military strategy.