How to go home carsick during the Spring Festival? Try rubbing these points

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As the Spring Festival approaches, people begin to go home one by one to reunite with their families.Holidays are supposed to be a time of family reunion and joy, but what about people who get motion sick?Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine third affiliated hospital acupuncture and massage department attending Doctor Chen Boyan to you.To prevent carsickness, Dr. Chen recommended the following acupuncture points, you can try to knead more.Location of the temple: it is the “meridian acupoint”, located in the depression of the temporal, between the brow tip and the outer canthus, and about one horizontal finger backward.Indications: headache, migraine, eye fatigue, toothache and other diseases.Operation: When carsick, you can use sitting posture.After sitting or standing, rub the palm hot, stick at temple, a little force, clockwise turn 10-20 times, counterclockwise turn the same number of times.Tianwindow point positioning: it is the small intestine meridian of the hand, located in the lateral part of the neck of the human body, the posterior edge of the sternocleidomastoid muscle, after futu point, and Adam’s Apple level.Efficacy: Evacuate internal heat.Operation: gently press and knead the skylight hole on the same side alternately with both thumbs, pay attention to the strength should not be too heavy, generally it is not recommended to press and knead on both sides at the same time, 1-3 minutes, local acid swelling.Hegu point positioning: hand Yang Ming Large intestine Jing Yuan point, lung and large intestine in the back of the hand, between the first and second metacarpal, when the second metacarpal radial midpoint.Efficacy: sedation and pain relief, meridians and collaterals, heat clearing and relieving symptoms, liver regulating qi, can relieve tension, impatience and anxiety.Operation: motion sickness left and right thumb pinch alternately on the opposite side of hegu point, local acid swelling for about 1 minutes, this method is forbidden for pregnant women, poor physical people can not do strong stimulation.Location of Neiguan points: hand Jueyin pericardium meridian, collaterals and eight arteries rendezvous points.On the volar side of the forearm, when the line between Qu Ze and Daling, 2 inches on the wrist stripes, between the palmaris longus tendon and the flexor carpi radialis tendon.Efficacy: Calm the mind, regulate qi and relieve pain.Massage method: when motion sickness, the left and right hand thumb pinch alternately press the opposite side of the Neiguan point, 1 minutes, local acid swelling for degree.The location of Jiuwei point: it belongs to ren vein and is the luo point of Ren vein, located seven inches above the umbilical and half inch below the xiphoid process.Efficacy: absorb moisture, eliminate fatigue, cure motion sickness, relieve restless character, etc.Operation: left and right thumb rubbing jiuwei point, from top to bottom, you can rub to Shenque point from jiuwei point, you can start to knead before and after half an hour in the car.Location of Zusanli point: it belongs to the combination of foot Yangming stomach meridian.On the outer side of the calf, 3 inches below the calf nose, and on the line between the calf nose and Jiexi, people with poor physique or prone to motion sickness can be knead more often.Efficacy: dry spleen dampness, gastric qi.Operation: both hands thumb rubbing Zusanli point, 3-5 minutes each time, local acid swelling for degree.1. Be sure to go to bed early before taking a bus to avoid staying up late and get enough sleep.2, the diet should be light and easy to digest, avoid hunger or oversatiety, do not drink.1. When taking a car, try to choose the front row and well-ventilated position close to the driver’s seat.2, when riding in a car, avoid the head against the air conditioning position, can appropriately carry a hat.3, relax in the car, it is best to sleep peacefully, avoid walking on the car.4, the mouth can contain some ginger slices, plum, tangerine peel, salty plum, etc., fresh orange peel or lemon can be put on the nose at any time to smell.1, let the patient to recumbent, quiet rest, ventilation, fixed head, reduce head swing.2, the middle point, temple with some dispelling oil or wind essence.3. If you have a chance to rest halfway, you’d better get off and breathe fresh air.People prone to motion sickness usually care: avoid wind and cold, pay attention to cold and warm, especially the head and abdomen warm;Suitable sports, exercise, improve physical fitness;Take care of your daily life, avoid staying up late for a long time and ensure adequate sleep;Adjust diet, pay attention to eat raw cold cold products, damage spleen Yang;Free mood, ease of mind.Tips: in fact, most of the car sickness is not important, the rest of the general parking can be quickly relieved, but if in addition to the car is easy to dizzy, ordinary walking also have dizzy, it is best to go to the hospital, find a professional doctor to see.