If a war breaks out across the Taiwan Strait, in addition to the United States and Japan, the mainland needs rok’s consent to accept Taiwan?Moon’s face changed

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Moon Jae-in backsliding?South Korea confirms its intervention in China’s Taiwan issue. Once a war breaks out across the Taiwan Strait, South Korea will follow the United States and Japan to intervene militarily?The foreign ministers of the United States, Japan and the Rok issued a joint statement after their meeting in Honolulu, according to media reports on February 14.There are two main points. First, it condemns the DPRK’s frequent missile tests in recent years, but at the same time expresses friendship towards the DPRK and hopes for dialogue.Second, jointly oppose the mainland’s possible use of the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army to solve the Taiwan issue, vowing to “oppose any unilateral change of the status quo and cause tension in the region.”Unexpectedly, Moon Jae-in has also defected!Moon has not been as active as Park in advocating China during his presidency, but he has been generally friendly.In particular, Moon has taken a series of measures, such as not taking sides in the dispute between China and the United States, inviting China to jointly push for the end of the Korean Peninsula war, and actively participating in the Beijing Winter Olympics, which can be seen as a farsighted president on the Issue of China.Such far-sighted people will never, in truth, make the elementary mistake of the Japanese right wing and intervene in the Taiwan issue.But now that it’s clearly happening, we can’t believe it, we don’t want to believe it, but we have to believe it, and we believe it happens for a reason.Given the upcoming presidential election in South Korea this year, and the fact that Yoon Seok-yeol, a well-known pro-AMERICAN politician who orchestrated Park Geun-hye’s imprisonment, is the top candidate for the election, the Korean people’s goodwill towards China is already worrying.Under such circumstances, considering the fate of Park Geun-hye, Moon may not be able to rest easy. Park Geun-hye has his moon Jae-in amnesty, moon jae-in then who can expect?In the face of this situation, Moon has made some struggles, such as pardoning Park Geun-hye, who has a deep hatred against Yoon, hoping to use Park’s political power to crack down on Yoon, and exposing many shady scenes behind Yoon’s apparent honesty.But judging by Mr. Moon’s current choices, those strikes are likely to have failed.Under such circumstances, President Moon cannot think of anything but seeking asylum in the United States.Of course, there could be other reasons for Mr. Moon’s sudden defection, such as the North Korea issue, which featured prominently in the meeting.The end of the Korean War is a major diplomatic priority of South Korea in recent years. Once successful, Moon jae-in will become a great man in the history of the Peninsula, which is not only of great benefit to both The DPRK and the ROK, but also greatly conducive to South Korea’s promotion of the process from defense to political independence.Mr. Moon has previously tried to enlist the help of China, which has the most influence on the peninsula.However, even if Both China and South Korea are willing to end the war on the Korean Peninsula, there is nothing they can do if the US and North Korea do not agree to it. As long as the US continues to implement high-pressure policies towards the DPRK, the DPRK will never agree to end the war.This time, the United States is willing to talk to North Korea in a relatively conciliatory manner, which may be a political bargaining chip for South Korea to intervene in the Taiwan issue.Of course, these are just our guesses. In any case, now That South Korea has said so, in the future, if the Taiwan War really breaks out and the mainland begins to withdraw Taiwan, South Korea is also very likely to follow the United States and Japan to intervene?It is possible, but not necessarily. South Korea has made great achievements in its economy and military, especially in its air and land forces, which are stronger than Japan’s Self-Defense Forces. Not to mention the cancellation of the South Korea-US Missile Agreement in 2021, which gives Japan the coveted right to independently develop missiles.However, its navy ranks second to last among neighboring countries and is only a little stronger than North Korea’s. It would be suicidal for such a navy to block the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army.Us completely unnecessary fee so big trouble for such a bad teammate navy, draw South Korea closer in the United States, may see in or close to South Korea and China on geographical distance, involved in the question of Taiwan, South Korea, is for China to achieve the prospective surrounded from the geographical, can give the Chinese manufacturing large pressure, in addition, the United States may also take a fancy to a south Korean shipbuilding,After all, the United States is now in charge of its own shipbuilding industry, and there is a great danger that its navy can fight against China, which dominates the world shipbuilding industry. South Korea is the only country with a shipbuilding industry that can barely compete with China, which may be able to make up for the deficiency of the United States.However, it does not necessarily mean that South Korea really will not intervene, after all, the United States and Japan do not have a way to the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army to receive Taiwan, when necessary, pulling South Korea together is not an accident, then how to do?In fact, it is not difficult, after all, the Korean navy is really not good.In addition, due to geographical relations, South Korea is too easy to attack and defend in front of north Korea. If North Korea does attack, the South Korean army cannot stop it, and it can only rely on the United States troops stationed in South Korea to prop up the scene. However, it is China, not the United States, that really guarantees the stability of the situation on the Peninsula.If South Korea dares to follow the US and Japan and intervene militarily, Then China may feel that it is not necessary to maintain the situation on the peninsula and even do not mind providing a little support to North Korea. At that time, I wonder if South Korea’s kimchi can stop north Korea’s nuclear weapons!Oh yeah, I almost forgot, most of kimchi is exported to Them from Shandong, China, and maybe Korea won’t even have kimchi by then.I would like to advise all countries in the world that the Taiwan issue is China’s internal affair. No matter who you are, if you dare to obstruct China’s steps towards reunification, no matter how friendly you are in the past, you should not blame China for turning its back on you.