Self-reflection, open up the future

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It has been nearly half a year since I joined the company in August 2021. Time goes by, time goes by, scene changes and environment changes. From the campus to the society, from students to grassroots cadres, I have gained a lot of growth and understanding in reviewing my work in the past six months, but I feel more inadequate.One is often trapped in complex trivia.Half a year of party and government life, often in the office to turn like a top, when coming off work also feel very tired, but a retrospect often feel like what also did not do.How to work in the complex dynamic collection, meeting meeting record, writing press releases, and information submitted, management and the addressee, the summary report and other kinds of materials found in writing, and so on exports, are not trivial bothering about DangZhengBan staff of subject, it is trapped in this I still need to further adjust the science of uniting the still.Second, theoretical learning is still lacking.As a party member, theoretical study is said to be a lifetime of self-cultivation, and in the past work time, in order to more quickly adapt to the work, I learn more or speaking skills on the job, and learn to read the original text there is few time realization principle, the theoretical knowledge learned enough deep enlightenment through enough, there will be more to learn theory,Put it into practice.Third, there is still room for improvement in personal physical quality.On the one hand, sedentary habits, lack of exercise stress stimulation, carry out physical exercise consciousness, enthusiasm is not enough, leisure time control way is more quiet reading, film appreciation, go out less, and lack of physical exercise sometimes will have a negative impact on the psychological condition.In the New Year, I will try to overcome my shortcomings based on my own reality, gradually improve myself through the following points, effectively improve my work ability and efficiency, and realize my own value in the work.It is to hold working key, disentangle officer rule.There are two main reasons for getting stuck in a rut. One is having a clear goal, or having no clear priorities.One is that the analysis of things is not accurate and thorough.The New Year, I will work according to the street’s core objective, clear their own post responsibility target, according to the actual situation and recent work daily plan, key issues affecting the result, always remember the core targets at the same time, at the same time with the leader more communicate, do focus on the first, flexible schedule emergency work, ensure that all work order have finish.Second, make monthly reading plan to improve theoretical knowledge.Since February, I have guaranteed to read at least one original theory book every month. I have been reading every day and taking notes to lay a solid theoretical foundation.At the same time, make full use of platforms such as learning power, not just satisfied with brushing a certain score, but really understand current events, learn from the heart.In addition to study, I will further use theory to guide practice in work and practice theory in practice to effectively improve my theoretical accomplishment and practical ability.Third, strengthen physical exercise and maintain a good physical and mental state.The exercise habit gradually, the frequency of the guarantee for at least 1 times per week to carry out physical exercise, rich sports at the same time, yoga, running, badminton, table tennis and so on various sports skills, to raise their physical quality, maintain good state of mind, in a more full of mental state in devoted to the work of the New Year.Statement: Copyright belongs to the original, reprint this article is for the purpose of conveying more information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.