Us Army IVAS Insight Report 3 (with PDF download)

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Black Hair Sheriff 008 is an individual investor focused on AR/VR and a military fan.IVAS has both AR and military tags, which attracted the attention of the police chief for a long time.As military equipment has advanced technology and application, IVAS is of great reference value to the future development direction of AR industry.In addition, military scenarios have stringent requirements for the function and performance of equipment. IVAS has proved its unique value by being approved and tested in the US Army, thus becoming an important milestone in the development of the AR industry.The sheriff published the first and second reports in August and October 2021, respectively, analyzing IVAS ‘system architecture and subsystems.With the deepening of the research, the sheriff of IVAS system functions, performance, architecture, components, testing and application of new discoveries and understanding.To this end, the sheriff will carry out a more comprehensive and in-depth deconstruction of IVAS through the third report.If you have read part 01/02, you can review, supplement, and revise your previous knowledge.If you haven’t read 01/02, you don’t need to “review” the first two.After all, the police chief is not a military equipment practitioner, so the so-called insight report in front of the experts is just to teach the expert how to play the fish, in which mistakes are inevitable, I hope you experts are generous with your advice, the police chief here thank you in advance.Finally, the police chief would like to express his gratitude to the leaders and experts who have helped him before.The sheriff hopes to establish contacts and communicate with industry experts. See the details at the end of this article.Due to the limited capacity of the public article, this article can only accommodate part of the page content.PDF Full text 177 pages, file size 178M.The sheriff provides a PDF version of the report for download at the end of this article.1. The content provided in this report is for personal study, research or appreciation only, and the author does not guarantee the accuracy of the content.The risks associated with using the contents of this report are independent of the authors.2. Information in this report is from open information channels.3. The contents of this report may be used for personal study, research or appreciation, as well as for other non-commercial or non-profit purposes, but the contents shall comply with the provisions of the copyright Law and other relevant laws, and shall not infringe on the legal rights of the author and relevant rights holders.4. The copyright of the pictures in this report belongs to the original author.5. If the author of the picture quoted in this report does not want to publish the content in this report, please inform the author in time and delete it.6. If you want to reprint this report, you must obtain the author’s authorization first. Without the author’s authorization, it is forbidden to reprint this report in any form.