College students spend millions to rent luxury cars, what is this operation?

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College student Shen fictitious entrepreneurial project in order to start the fund, maintenance platform and other reasons to cheat their teacher investment more than 4 million yuan not only so he also used fraud income will be packaged into a successful entrepreneur to a number of students fraud……In the past two years, college students have cheated their teachers of more than 4 million yuan by inventing start-up projects on the pretext of starting a business in partnership and using various reasons such as start-up funds, maintenance platforms and art designs.Moreover, he also used the proceeds from the fraud to package himself as a successful entrepreneur and defrauded several classmates, amounting to more than 1 million yuan.Wujin District Procuratorate of Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, initiated a public prosecution, the court sentenced the defendant to 11 years in prison for fraud, and fined 300,000 yuan.”I have invested more than 4 million yuan, when will I make a profit?”On May 12, 2021, Ms. Tian of Changzhou city raised questions again about the project that had invested for more than two years. However, shen, the partner, still did not want to meet with various excuses.This time, Ms. Tian did not hesitate, immediately went to the police station to report the case.This bottomless investment project, from two years ago, Ms. Tian and Shen a chat.In March 2019, Ms. Tian in the gossip about his intention to find some good project investment, and shen, some say they are to develop a game, the future will be in a game service platform sales abroad, is now short of a start-up capital, he is interested in the form of “technology + capital” cooperate with Ms. Tian, with Ms. Tian after profit allocation.Ms. Tian said that he had served as a counselor in a university in Wujin, Shen is a session of computer students with their own.”He usually studies more carefully, listen to his family condition is also good, I have a good impression of him.”Because of this, after she resigned from the university, two people also often contact, so shen mou put forward the proposal of a partnership, she never doubted.In April 2019, Ms. Tian transferred more than 40,000 yuan to Shen as start-up capital to help him with the game’s art design and model building, and repeatedly asked about the development process of the game.In early October of that year, Shen said that the game had been uploaded to a platform for sale, accompanied by a screenshot of the platform’s revenue statistics, showing that it had made more than $20,000.See the project so quickly to earn money, Ms. Tian excited to also give up the last of shen’s guard.Since then, Shen continued to upgrade and maintain the game, rent the server room, expand sales promotion, participate in the game competition, and develop new games, and other reasons to ask For additional investment.In order to increase the popularity and sales of the game, Jeon readily agreed to Every request of Shim.Such investments continue until May 2021.Ms. Tian calculated the ledger and found that their total investment has reached more than 4 million yuan, but during this period Shen always evaded profit sharing for various reasons.”When he refused to meet me, I realized I might have been cheated.”Tian immediately reported the case.After filing a case for investigation, the police believe that Shen mou is suspected of committing major crimes.After the police contact, June 2, 2021, Shen came to the police station surrendered, truthfully confessed to all the criminal facts.In 2016, Shen was admitted to a university in Wujin, majoring in computer, and met the instructor Ms. Tian at that time.In getting along with the teacher, Shen packaged himself into changzhou a key middle school graduation, the image of wealthy family.In fact, in the impression of most of the students, Shen has been very poor, sometimes have a problem to eat.According to Shen, his family is very strict with him. His monthly living allowance is only 800 yuan, which is not enough for his expenses, so he has been trying to find some money to use.An accidental opportunity, Shen to listen to Ms. Tian said want to invest, immediately have an idea, plan to use the game development of the guise to attract Ms. Tian investment.With a few years ago their design and development of a game, Shen successfully persuaded Ms. Tian to buy shares.But, in fact, this game can only achieve people walk, jump, pick up some simple movements, such as from the perspective of the development degree of the game is still in its infancy, and after I receive my ms tian’s first capital, shen a is not used in the continue development of the game, but the money out, and then download some free stuff from the game mall together to make the game interface,Fool Ms. Tian.In October of that year, when Tian asked about the progress and profit of the game again, Shen falsely claimed that the game had been put on shelves and began to make profits, and asked Tian to invest more.Through a few simple moves, Shen mou cheated a few investments from Ms. Tian again, which let him taste the sweet, more out of control.In just a few months, Shen swindled more than 1 million yuan from Tian under the pretext of investment.Since the cooperation project with Ms. Tian, Shen’s life has changed dramatically. The poor boy in the eyes of his classmates and friends has now become a successful person with a lot of money: famous brand clothes from head to toe, a dress and a pair of shoes cost thousands or even thousands of yuan;Ten thousand yuan of mobile phones, tens of thousands of dollars of computers, a buy is several, their own use of a few, the rest of the new are sent to the students;He stayed in a suite in a five-star hotel for more than a dozen days and rented an apartment in an upscale neighborhood in downtown.Luxury cars such as Porsches and Rolls-Royces are also used for daily trips.Everyone’s puff to Shen’s vanity has been greatly satisfied, in order to let the students believe that these luxury cars are his, Shen for a long time at the same time to rent two to three luxury cars, only the rental cost of more than 1 million yuan.Build successful people continue to cheat classmates pictures from the network, has nothing to do with the body for got more money from Ms. Tian, from February 2020, shen a and create “developed the second game, and has set up a platform for sale abroad” lies, says the game platform maintenance, advertising, server rental and so on all need to continue to invest capital,To ensure that the two games can obtain high returns, in order to lure Ms. Tian additional investment.At the same time, he lied to his classmates that he made a lot of money by reselling sneakers and investing in steel, and invited a number of students to become shareholders.After investigation, from April 2019 to May 2021, Shen mou through the fictitious development of online game software fact, cheated the victim Tian More than 4 million yuan;Defraud 17 students of a total of 1.33 million yuan by making up investments in sports shoe operating software and steel projects, and the proceeds were used for personal consumption such as buying luxury goods and renting luxury cars.In November 2021, Changzhou Wujin District Procuratorate believes that Shen mou to illegal possession as the purpose, using fictional facts, concealing the truth and other means, defraud money, and the amount is particularly huge, according to the law to the crime of fraud to its prosecution.A few days ago, the court tried the case, the adoption of the prosecution’s sentencing recommendations, shen mou to make the beginning of the sentence.(Xia Dan liu Yanyan, Procuratorial Daily)