January car sales released, joint venture strong, BMW sales crazy, Audi is absent from the list

2022-05-21 0 By

Recently, the Passenger Car Association released the car sales list for January 2022, which is basically still very familiar faces, but there are also a lot of details to talk about.First look at the list, in January 2022, the first car sales list is Still Nissan Sylsey, Nissan Sylsey sold 49,982 units, although the year-on-year decline of 5.3%, but nearly 50,000 units of sales, is really very amazing.Nissan Xuan Yi this car in the eyes of car critics, thin skin, poor control, no configuration, is a car shell, but sales are very high, it seems that consumers do not care about these pain points, more care about the vehicle price, comfort and fuel consumption.Shanghai Volkswagen lavida row in January car sales ranking the second place, faw-vw soar team ranked third car sales in January, the two also is in a downward trend, compared to the lavida fell 18.7%, soar team fell 27.5%, the official explanation because of the lack of core problem, production is restricted, but double-digit year-on-year decline,But it is not just the “lack of core” that can be explained. In recent years, due to quality problems, Volkswagen’s brand image has declined a lot, and of course, sales are difficult to rise.In January, the fourth car sales list is Wuling Hongguang MINI EV, wuling Hongguang MINI sales growth of 3.5% year on year, little change, relatively stable sales.In fifth place, BYD Qin was a dark horse, up 962.1 percent year on year, with 26,541 units sold, the highest year-on-year growth rate in the list.Byd following last year’s substantial sales growth, in January this year and a strong performance, made a good start, this year’s sales will have a substantial growth.It is worth noting that premium brand BMW has two cars packed into the list, respectively to the 5-series sixth and eighth of the BMW 3 series, sales of between 26092 and 24396 respectively, have double-digit year-on-year growth, look in the eyes of consumers, the BBA brand BMW luxury properties more, buy a BMW and more face.Gac Toyota Camry ranked seventh with 24,950 units sold, up 21.3 percent year on year, ranking first in the mid-level sedan segment.With the support of faith, coupled with the terminal is not small discount and balanced overall performance, camry achieved such a result is taken for granted.The ninth place is Guangqi Honda Accord, Accord sales of 22,907 units, year-on-year growth of 15.3%, although January is not the sales champion of intermediate cars, but this result can still play.The tenth place is faW-Volkswagen New Bora, sold a total of 22,051 units, a year-on-year drop of 42.6%, a serious decline.The subsequent ranking was 11th buick All New England, 21,431 units;No.12 Changansan Motor, 21,324;13th Mercedes-benz E-Class, 21,020 units;Geely Emgrand ranked 14th with 20,251 units and Nissan New Tema ranked 15th with 18,739 units.Looking at the data of car sales ranking in January, we can see the following highlights: First, in the car field, joint venture brands still occupy a strong dominant position, and the market is mainly dominated by Japanese and German brands. Domestic brands are on the rise, but their hard power is still weak, and efforts need to be continued.Second, the auto market is very divided. The sales of luxury cars and low-end cars have a rising trend, while the sales of models in the middle are weak and showing signs of shrinkage.The above is my interpretation of the car sales ranking in January, and I sincerely hope that domestic cars can really rise, and I hope that everyone can buy their own luxury cars in the New Year.