Jilin Province: focus on solving the problem of farmers returning to their hometowns for spring farming in Chang-Ji and Jilin cities to ensure the prevention of spring farming

2022-05-21 0 By

On the morning of April 4, the Jilin Provincial government held the 24th press conference on the latest progress of the epidemic prevention and control work.According to Zhang Baozong, executive vice minister of the Publicity Department of jilin Provincial Party Committee, Jilin province has focused on solving the problem of farmers returning to their hometowns in Changji and Changji cities for spring farming, and strengthening the scheduling of agricultural materials such as seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and so on.As of April 3, the province prepared spring tillage seed to household arrival rate of 91.17%, fertilizer to household arrival rate of 73.99%, compared with the average data of the same period in recent years, seeds slightly faster, fertilizer basically flat, earnestly do not delay a day of farming, a household does not fall, farmland does not abandon one mu.Bearing in mind that food security is “the greatest task of a country”, we will focus on both epidemic prevention and control and spring farming production, strengthen seed, pesticide, fertilizer and other factors, and arrange agricultural activities in a scientific and rational way. For farmers stranded in urban areas, they will be organized to return to their hometowns in an orderly manner and carry out closed-loop management, so as to ensure both epidemic prevention and spring farming.(Reporter zhao Wenbin, Zhang Chu, Xu Yang) Source: CCTV news client