Please put down your cell phone!From tomorrow, driving and using wechat will be punished more severely

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Mobile apps that use mobile phones while driving will face higher penalties.On April 1, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) officially implemented the new measures for the management of road traffic safety Violations.The penalty points will be increased from 2 points to 3 points for those who make or receive a hand-held phone while driving a motor vehicle.Reporters in the streets of the investigation found that the driver of the phone call, play really many.A ride-hailing driver plays with his mobile phone before stopping at shuangqiao intersection.In the afternoon, the sun is shining, the breeze is warm, and traffic flows very fast on the North East Fourth Ring Road.From the east fourth ring north road from the north to the south direction of driving, many vehicles in the chaoyang Park east gate 7, need to slow down to turn into the auxiliary road straight.However, it is in such a complex intersection of main road and auxiliary road intersection, the reporter found a number of drivers while driving while receiving phone calls.From a distance, a white car driving slowly on a side road looks normal, but on closer inspection, the driver is holding the steering wheel with his left hand and playing with his mobile phone with his right.Behind him to the right, a bus was lighting up for a stop.Another blue car slowed down from the main road to a side road, while the driver took his left hand off the steering wheel, holding a mobile phone, and his right hand on the steering wheel.Just a few minutes later, a silver car also from the east fourth Ring North road main road south into the side road, the driver left hand holding the steering wheel, right hand suspended to operate the mobile phone hanging on the mobile phone bracket, the speed slowed down.The rear vehicle saw the front car suddenly decelerate, advance to give way to change the lane.Reporters in chaoyang Park east 7 gate on the bridge observed 10 minutes, found at least six drivers operating mobile phones in the process of vehicle driving.Some of them talk while driving while holding their phones on the steering wheel, others operate them with one hand suspended in the air, or even lean with one hand on the steering wheel while trying to reach the phone on its cradle.A similar scene occurred in the Guangqumen section of the East Second Ring Road.Guangqumennei Street at off-duty time, east-west traffic flow.Reporters in the section of the overpass shot, from east to west direction from time to time there are drivers while driving while playing mobile phones.A silver Buick minivan, the driver with his left hand on the steering wheel and his right hand on his cell phone;A short time later, another driver was also using his phone while driving.However, the driver placed the phone on the steering wheel directly in front of him.At the intersection, a driver also tilted his head and used his right hand to operate his mobile phone for more than 10 seconds. Even though the vehicle in front had already left, the driver did not start to follow up in time.Reporters squatted on the streets of Guangqumennei for about 15 minutes and found at least five drivers operating mobile phones while driving.Among them, there are drivers because of the operation of mobile phone driving slowly or slightly offset, the rear car horns remind.Guangqumen inner street, a driver playing mobile phone is urged by the car behind.▎ Driving while looking for your phone at a traffic light has become a standard activity for some drivers.Especially in front of the stop line where the red light is on, many drivers will “look for” their mobile phones or pick up other things while their cars are slowing down.The shuangqiao intersection below the Jingtong Expressway was a serious congested area in the past few years.Now, the intersection has been upgraded, however, the reporter found that many drivers play mobile phones when the intersection red light, but also affect the efficiency of vehicles.At the intersection from west to east, the left turn lane of a “head car” just stopped, the driver took out his phone to play.And in tongzhou Beiyuan South road and Cuiping west road intersection, stop the line before looking at mobile phones, phone drivers are also many.One driver was urged on by other cars for looking down at his phone and not following in time.In the above two intersection, there are drivers in the stop line because of the mobile phone too input, the wheels once forward rolling and emergency “trampled to death”;In addition to being slow to follow, there are several drivers ahead and behind with their phones in their hands as their vehicles start and cross the stop line.Lao Zeng, who has been driving for more than 10 years, admitted that he often looks at or uses his phone while driving.”To tell the truth, look at the mobile phone when many, but also points section points situation.”Mr. Zeng said he mostly looked at his phone at intersections, at slow traffic and in traffic jams.”It’s the way it is today, mobile phones are a big part of life.Always respond to messages, let alone calls.”The driver, Surnamed Fan, admitted that she would take out her mobile phone at the first time when the car was waiting at the stop line, “feeling restless.”Traffic police have done a test, according to 60 kilometers per hour driving speed calculation, the driver in the process of driving as long as one second of distraction, the vehicle is equal to “blind driving” 16.7 meters, three seconds of distraction is 50.1 meters, this does not include the emergency braking time and safety distance.According to a study, the probability of an accident is 23 times higher when looking at a mobile phone while driving, and 2.8 times higher when talking on the phone.East fourth Ring North road turned into auxiliary road, a driver called.▎ Drivers use their mobile phones more often at the wheel than the general public.Even if there are passengers in the car, there are also drivers “restless.””Hey, where is it?”Just before the west to east stop on Jianguo Road in shuangqiao district, a ride-hailing driver just stopped his car and looked down to pick up his mobile phone to talk.There was also a mobile phone hanging from the air conditioning vent inside the car.While waiting for the traffic light to change for about a minute, the driver spent most of his time talking and sending voice messages on the phone, except occasionally fiddling with the interface.What’s more, when the green light to turn left came on, the driver even answered the phone while driving around the corner with one hand. The “interaction” didn’t stop.Also at the intersection, as “click” a hand brake pulled up, a company taxi driver also took out a mobile phone, on the phone to send voice.The voice interaction went back and forth several times.Ride-hailing or taxi drivers using their phones at the wheel can often lead to frightening experiences for passengers.”Once after getting on the bus, the master spoke wechat voice in the local dialect and chatted happily with fellow villagers.”Mr. Gao, an office worker, said he saw cars crowding into the next lane midway. “Cars beeped from behind and almost had an accident,” he said.Over the weekend, lu and her child were riding an online taxi when the driver picked up a wechat voice that popped up suddenly, causing her to make a turn on the wrong road.”I said at once that we were familiar with the route and that it was not the right one!””It is true that the use of mobile phones in ride-hailing and taxis is more frequent and poses a greater risk to public safety.”Said Shen Lijun, president of city Zhi Xing Information Technology Research Institute.However, in reality, on the one hand, it is difficult to obtain evidence of mobile phone use while driving;On the other hand, offline law enforcement is also difficult, and sometimes there will be disputes and insufficient evidence, “unless there is audio or video evidence from passengers.”The reporter learned that in recent years, Beijing shooting driving calls, playing mobile phone hardware is increasingly perfect, not only higher camera, the relevant road and the number of cameras have been greatly improved.Under normal circumstances, the driver will not be punished by the probe if he or she uses bluetooth and other devices to make phone calls and does not leave the steering wheel with both hands.Others caught on camera or reported by passengers will face penalties.”Playing on a cell phone or making a call while driving is a serious threat to safe driving.Drivers need to exercise their duty of safe and careful driving when driving.””Said Huang Haibo, director of the Traffic Management and transportation Law Committee of the Beijing Lawyers Association.In reality, he said, it is common to be penalized for interfering with safe driving, such as playing with mobile phones.For ride-hailing, taxi drivers and other groups, it is strictly forbidden to “snatch orders” while driving.”At the moment, apart from the occasional hd camera, law enforcement is difficult.”Huang haibo said that for all practical reasons, education for drivers is more important than governance.”The law enforcement perspective will definitely continue to be strict, but it will be difficult to completely eliminate it.How to solve the problem of online taxi hailing and taxi taking orders from mobile phones tests the wisdom of enterprises and law enforcement departments.”He believes that it is more important to do a good job of educating every driver about safe driving, from the beginning of driving school to daily work.”The law enforcement perspective is likely to rely more on technology in the future, including upgrading camera technology to provide higher resolution and more accurate law enforcement.It is relatively easy to define the consequences indirectly caused by looking at a mobile phone, such as reversing, scaring and rear-ending accidents, compared to instant mobile phone playing.Once the cause of the consequences is determined to play with the phone, might as well increase the punishment.”Shen suggested that more effective supervision methods should be explored in the future.Photo by Beijing Evening News reporter Li Song and Lin Wen