“Quietness” and “Movement” of a Small Village

2022-05-21 0 By

Members of the epidemic prevention and control working group take nucleic acid samples at the Tianwa Smart Agricultural Park in Caji Town, Sucheng District, Southwest China’s Sichuan Province, April 8, 2019.On the road in the field, nearly ten thousand jin of carrots are being cleaned and packed in preparation for being sent to the urban vegetable market.It is reported that during the period of static management, On the one hand, tianwa village strictly followed the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control to control the flow of people and let the village “calm down”;On the one hand, the supply chain of vegetables for urban areas and surrounding areas can be “energized” through agricultural parks and villagers growing their own vegetables.At present, the prevention and control measures in the central urban area of Suqian are adjusted from static management to strict control. More villagers in Tianwa Village are actively participating in the supply protection and contributing to the vegetable supply in the central urban area.(Photo by Yang Qun)