Will it really exhaust people?

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Many men will wonder how many times they can do it in a day, and many will say it’s not something to be messed with, and we should just go with the flow!Otherwise be careful you are the essence of death, that in the end will have the essence of death this thing?This saying is actually unique in Chinese medicine, there is no similar saying in the West, so men really will be exhausted exhausted?When a man enters puberty, his testicles start to produce sperm. One gram of testicular tissue can produce tens of millions of sperm every day, just like a sperm factory, which will produce sperm for you 24/7.Therefore, a normal male spermatogenesis can be accompanied by a lifetime, as long as there are normal hormone levels and testicular function, there will be a steady stream of sperm production.Men had better not exceed three times a day and ten times a week. People of different ages and physical qualities have different requirements and tolerance.Moderate discharge of semen can relieve the swelling sensation formed by semen storage, and achieve the purpose of releasing sexual pressure and pleasing body and mind.Generally speaking, the frequency of sexual life does not appear waist acid, soft legs, dizziness, fatigue and other discomfort is better.On the contrary, blind abstinence is not only bad for physical and mental health, but also affect sexual function and lead to premature aging of sexual organs.Ignoring physical quality is also a kind of self-harm behavior, men do not indulge in joy because of a moment of refreshing, otherwise it will leave a lot of health hazards.Semen in the seminal plasma components are mainly protein and a variety of enzymes, as well as inorganic salts and organic salts containing a variety of chemical elements, these substances can be constantly supplemented in the food we eat every day, as long as the nutrition is normal, body functions will not lack.If continuous ejaculation is often the pleasure produced by the contraction of the vas deferens, and no semen discharged, which is a self-regulation function of the human body, but also a self-protection function, so there is no man will die in how many times of ejaculation.It has been observed that normal men as long as the body healthy diet rest rules, generally a ejaculation, mostly in 1-2 days can make semen supplement to the normal range.Benefits of moderate sex 1. Exercise.The study found that having sex is the equivalent of jogging. Three times a week is equivalent to jogging 120km in a year and burning 7,500 calories.2. Increased oxygen intake.Breathing deepens during sex, which increases the amount of oxygen available to cells.3. Increase androgen secretion.Dhea is an androgen that men need to supplement regularly to boost energy and masculinity.The release of this hormone during ejaculation is three to five times higher than usual.4. Increase estrogen levels.Women who have regular sex have higher estrogen levels than those who occasionally have sex.5. Protect the prostate.Regular ejaculation can help remove the build-up of prostatic fluid in the prostate and prevent or reduce chronic non-bacterial prostatitis or pathogen infection.Regular sex is good for your heart and is recommended to focus on quality rather than quantity.Source: Integrated in the network.For more information on gender health science, please pay attention to our health public account, # Hong Kong Health TV ## 100 Doctors Lecture Hall