Once the volunteer monitor, why let chairman MAO and Peng mister vied for dinner?Because he deserves it.

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1957 National Day eve, Peng old manager personally issued an invitation, invited a middle-aged to come to participate in the National Day celebration.After the invitation was sent out, Peng Boss is still not assured, personally call to emphasize that the person must be present, he will please this person to eat at home alone.On October 1, a middle-aged man dressed in military uniform, standing upright, came to the National Day viewing stand. Looking at the neat and unified queue in front of him, he seemed to be immersed in deep memories and his eyes flashed with tears.After the ceremony, he was invited to the home of Mr Peng, and left for dinner, during the dinner, Mr Peng mouth praise repeatedly, hands is always to him clip food pass mo, to show the meaning of care.3 days later, under chairman MAO’s warm invitation, the middle-aged man came to Fengzeyuan for dinner, chairman MAO is also repeatedly praised, more after the meal initiative to take a photo to commemorate, kind of holding his hand way: “I listen to Peng said your deeds, did not expect you are still alive, you are the pride of the history of the volunteer army!”As leaders, Chairman MAO and Mister Peng received too many people, but they did not invite them to dinner many times.And this middle-aged man is just a monitor on the battlefield of the war against the United States and Korea, with what can let the two founding fathers vied for dinner?What makes him exceptional?One day in 1946, Yanzhou Nanma district team joined a new member, with the belief of overthrowing class exploitation and saving China, the 21-year-old young man threw himself into the liberation battlefield without turning back.After two years of war, the young man found his best field and became an excellent machine gunner. He fought in the Huaihai Campaign and the Crossing of the River and was praised by the army for many times. At the end of the war, he was promoted to be the squad leader of the PLA from an ordinary soldier.In October 1950, under the leadership of Peng’s boss, hundreds of thousands of volunteers crossed the Yalu River quietly under the cover of the night, including lei Baosen, leader of the 4th class of the 9th group of 234.In the foreign battlefield, the hero who once won the second-class merit award did not lose his spirit, but still maintained his heroic and fearless posture, leading his classmates to kill the enemy in bloody battles and repeatedly achieved meritorious service.But little did he know that he would soon be one of the few heroes on the battlefield.In January 1951, shortly after the end of the third battle and before the Chinese army had time to rest, the American army took advantage of the situation and launched the fourth battle, intending to reverse the decline at one stroke and force the Chinese army to retreat to the north of the 38th parallel.On March 24, in the face of tank armor, the American forces in mensurous momentum, Lei Baosen was ordered to lead the 4th class in the seven peaks 299 heights to stop the enemy.At this time, our troops occupy the terrain advantage, high and low, can seize the battle opportunity well.Lebausen believed that high 299 was the place where the American tanks would pass through, and with its cliff face, was the perfect place to ambush them.Under his arrangement, the soldiers set to work and soon built a fake fortification to confuse the Americans.At the same time, Lei Baosen ordered nine soldiers divided into two roads, all the way to set up rocket launcher fire cover, all the way around the enemy after sniper.After the completion of the deployment, everyone found their own combat position, into the ambush.But left and right, the other positions of the seven Peaks have been four shots, Shouting the sound of killing, 299 heights still silent, even the shadow of the American troops did not see.Until 14 o ‘clock on the 27th, with a rumbling sound, the soldiers of class 4 immediately spirit up, is the Armored mechanical troops of the United States army, they really “picked up the big leak”!One, two……There were 12 M4A3E8 tanks and more than 100 American infantry, a challenge for Squad 4.After taking a few deep breaths, Rabsen concentrated and waited quietly for the enemy to enter.When the American troops lined up, all into ambush circle, Lei Baosen ordered, rocket launcher group aimed at the front of the first tank is a bullet, with the tank fire stopped in the middle of the road, behind all the tanks were blocked, all stopped.Before the enemy could react, Rabsen led a group of men around the rear and immediately began to destroy the American tanks.It was only when the first anti-tank grenade exploded, destroying the tank’s tracks in the rear, that the Americans responded and began shooting at the volunteers circling behind them.But at this time there are only a few people in the rear, Lei Baosen has made preparations in advance, in our flexible tactics, the Number of American equipment advantage can not play out.One, two, three……At close range, most of the American tanks were rendered incapacitated by white smoke.In just 25 minutes, the nine-man squad blew up 11 enemy tanks and a jeep, killing no one in the class, creating a miracle in the history of warfare.It has to be said that at the first sign of an ambush, the AMERICANS called in bomber support, and at this point, The fake fortifications set up by Rabsen helped a lot.The f-80 Meteor bomber focused all its energy on this spot, which allowed the men hiding in the cliff trench to escape unharmed.Jump off the cliff and die. Hide your name.In the seven peak mountain fighting the second day, was enraged by the United States sent 30 thousand troops to attack again, and at this time the main force of our army has been transferred, left behind the enemy’s 4 classes are about to face greater danger.The battle was a struggle for initiative with one’s life. In just one day, the position changed hands 11 times.Under the cover of heavy firepower, such as artillery and bombers, the United States soon annihilated a large number of left-behind soldiers, stationed in the east of the class 6 no one survived, and class 4 received the task is to recapture and continue to stick to the east position.In the struggle, His comrades fell next to him, and He was shot in the face and in the right shoulder.And in the face of the American forces rushed up, has run out of ammunition and food 4 classes had to launch the final hand-to-hand combat.Finally in cover comrade Zhou Shiwu fled, do not want to be captured lei Baosen chose to jump off a cliff.After the war statistics, Lei Baosen and the achievements of class 4 sensational army, but right now lei Baosen where?In zhou Shiwu’s proof, the army knew he had jumped off the cliff.In order to commemorate the hero, the army specially held a memorial service for him, and according to the merit award, awarded Lei Baosen “class A combat hero” honorary title, and record a special merit.Unbeknownst to the army, The man who jumped off the cliff did not die.After jumping off the cliff, he fell onto a pile of branches cut by The Korean people. He suffered several broken ribs, but his life was not threatened.He was rescued by passing North Korean villagers and taken to a nearby field hospital for treatment.With 11 serious injuries, It took him nearly six months to recover.Nevertheless right now lei Baosen’s body has been unable to continue to fight, but he had to be sent back home to choose to change course of work, in his native Henan guest house when an ordinary waiter.The soldier, who had survived death, told no one about his exploits.In 1953, the United States and Korea won the victory, the main volunteers have returned to China.After the reflection of his comrades, li Yaowen, political commissar of the 26th Army, learned that his body had not been found at the bottom of the cliff where Lei Baosen jumped.That’s not bad news. It’s possible That Rebausen is still alive.So the army launched a nationwide media search for lei Baosen, the People’s Daily and Henan Daily have published relevant missing person notices.After searching for some time, the army finally found the unknown war hero in the guest house.The unit treasured him and immediately took him back to the 26th Army as a platoon commander of the guard battalion, and later promoted him to the commander of the Garrison Company of Jangsan Fortress.No matter in combat position or service position, or the current guard position, Lei Baosen always firmly obey the organization arrangement, conscientious and conscientious to do every job, which is the most worthy of our admiration.National Day viewing ceremony, Beijing a line in September 1957, in the National Day viewing personnel, Peng Boss thought of Lei Baosen the battle hero, personally issued an invitation to him.Then there was the beginning of the scene, after the end of the ceremony, Chairman Peng and Chairman MAO vied with Each other to invite Lei Baosen to dinner at home, and the two leaders recalled the danger and moved on the battlefield.For the heroes of the volunteers, Chairman MAO and Chairman Peng all expressed their pride.Shortly after the end of the National Day holiday, Rebausen returned to work and continued to shine.Unbeknownst to outsiders, though far away from the war, Rebausen is still suffering from the ravages of the war.At that time, Lei Baosen was not fully healed of serious injuries, in addition to a scar, he still has shrapnel has not been able to take out, from time to time will suffer from old wounds.In 1965, ravaged by injuries, He could no longer work and had to leave at the age of 41 to recuperate in his hometown.Of course, it is impossible for Reinbausen, who has devoted his life to his country and people, to be completely idle.Although he can no longer insist on doing more heavy work, he can still handle some easy things.Shangcai county in his hometown, encountered some neighborhood disputes, he always volunteered to mediate.For some difficult families, he will try his best to help them.It didn’t take long for Him to find a more suitable “job” : patriotic and defense-conscious advocacy and education.Since then, he often went to the army, schools and some units to give speeches, through his own and the deeds of comrades around him, to the people around him positive, upward, dedication to the country.The most precious thing about Rebausen is that he is calm. Even if he receives more applause and cheers, he can still approach everyone around him and say to them: “I was just a poor child fleeing from famine and begging for food. It is the party that saved me and gave me everything.I was just doing my duty as a soldier on the battlefield, never expecting such a high honor.Every day I live, I have to make a contribution!”In 1992, in his 60s, Rebausen was awarded the Medal of Honor for Victory.By this time, he was already well known in Shangcai, and most locals were familiar with his heroic deeds.Under the influence of the old man, many people strengthened their determination to devote themselves to the country.On March 9, 2009, He died at the age of 84.As the descendants of war heroes, under his influence, three of his children chose to join the army to guard the country, including his son-in-law and the people’s police. They all worked conscientiously on their posts and made silent contributions to the country.”A joss stick in front of the tomb in the cemetery sets a good example for heroic parents.The revolutionary spirit will never be forgotten, and the Fuze family is thriving.”This is a poem of the youngest daughter remembering her father.This is a hero, in addition to fighting, every job he does is to contribute to the country.It is because of thousands of heroes like these that our country can continue to grow and reach for a better tomorrow.Salute the heroes and learn from our ancestors!